Tuesday, February 26, 2019


County seat
Sometimes you need to get away. Which is
why I took a short vacation today. Given it
was below zero and snowing outside, I had
few options as to where to travel. Therefore
instead of driving or flying somewhere else
I simply sat in my living room. In a spot that
I normally never sit in. And enjoyed the view.
It's amazing how different one's world can
appear when seen from a new angle. From
my vantage point I watched the snow gently
fall as I enjoyed the bright white light of a
cold winters day as it reflected off the room
within. And all was right with my world.
Musical chairs
Most of us live in an all too familiar cocoon.
Each of us has a role to play. With a specific
spot at the dinner table. And an established
roost before the TV. Rarely do we vary from
these preconceived notions. Meaning that all
too often we can't see our forest for its trees.
Thus even the simplest of breaks from our
self-imposed routines can offer up untold
surprises. All that's necessary is the desire
to reject the status quo and expose oneself
to a new view. Which may sound rather easy
but is naturally far beyond our comfort zones.
All the more reason to take a seat elsewhere.
Home sweet home
If nothing else expanding one's boundaries
can be enlightening. If for no other reason
that it lets one see life from another's view-
point. The other day I watched TV in the
sitting room off of one of our guest suites.
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed said
cozy getaway. Far away from it all I had to
wonder why our guests ever left their room.
Was it really special? Or was experiencing
something new within my own four walls
a reward in and of itself? In part because
it made me realize that a wonderful world
awaits all willing to exit their comfort zone.
Chair today, gone tomorrow
The older we get the smaller our world gets.
Downsizing is a natural evolution that takes
us from here to there. If nothing else simply
re-evaluating one's needs and wants opens
their heart and mind to options heretofore
unknown. Affirming that much of what we
need is already within our reach. All that's
necessary is seeing things as they are. Do
yourself a favor. Break your self-imposed
limits. Sit anywhere except your usual spot.
Do anything except what's expected within
the confines of home. Quickly you'll find a
new world. Rake a "stay-cation" now?!