Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Smoke and mirrors
I wish things were easier. Nowadays there are
no easy options and fewer easy answers. The
complexity of our modern day existence puts
everything into a grey area. A vacuous limbo
of questionable motives, hidden agendas, or
sudden surprises. In the old days boys would
be boys as girls patiently stood by and waited
until they grew up. Now boys marry boys and
girls bed girls. Or both medically transition to
become their opposite sex. Pot may be illegal
nationally but is legal in thirty three states.
Oh... and Presidents lie to us on a daily basis.
So what is really going on? Are we all lost?
Supreme sacrifices
Long ago we had clearly defined lines between
right and wrong. Now the difference between
good or bad depends on who one talks to when.
Everybody has an opinion and is eager to share
it. Yet whether it's grounded in fact or fiction
has little to no relevance. The Pope has asked
the world "who are we to judge?" Yet seems
incapable of dealing with sexual abuse within
his clergy. Victims bravely step forward to tell
their stories. While their violators are voted in
as Supreme Court judges. All of said either or
leaves most of us so befuddled that we don't
know who to trust. Including ourselves...
Beyond imagination
All of the above is reason enough to give up.
Or consider giving in. A thought that never
enters my mind. I often say "the best is yet
to come." A theory which I have seen come
to fruition on an ever evolving basis. Since
the dawn of humanity mankind has suffered
through dark periods. Times when everybody
questioned the motives of everybody else.
And yet somehow... our race survived. Only
to ultimately achieve greater things than any
could have ever imagined. Are such barriers
necessary evils? How can we ever overcome
unless something attempts to block our way?
Up, up and away
At some point in life most of us are blessed to
learn that love conquers all. Somehow via the
most capricious of circumstances we meet and
align with somebody who makes us BETTER.
Such alchemy applies to more than matters of
the heart. Dear friends or respected colleagues
can equally enhance our outlook and help us
see the light. If only we could work together
for the better of all mankind. Which has me
thinking... could those who purposefully stir
life's swirl be the root of all EVIL? Are those
spewing hate, prejudice, or deception blinding
us from the light at the end of our journey?!