Saturday, February 23, 2019


Exception to the rule?
There is a saying that "one is known by the
company they keep." Hence the stream of
sordid revelations about Mr. Trump's friends,
employees, colleagues, and cabinet members
should cause us all to pause. Assuming our
President hangs with rogues and infidels, is
it safe to assume he's not nor has ever been
connected to any of their "issues?" I don't
know about you but I can't  recall any of my
close friends going to jail. Nor can I recall a
direct personal connection with someone of
such questionable behavior. Could it be that
I'm the exception to the rule or is Donald?
Guilt by association?
At some point many a parent worries that their
child might be running with the wrong crowd.
When under the influence of individuals with
questionable values it's easy to make mistakes.
However "birds of a feather flock together."
Hence one could assume that our President
is in fact a man of similar ilk to those he now
maligns. Leaving me to think that Mr. Trump
is guilty by association with his former friends
and minions. As are his fellow Republicans
and rabid right wingers who choose to ignore
the facts about these sordid souls. Thus is it
safe to assume we are being led by criminals?
Bottom of the barrel?
Isn't it time that we stopped making excuses?
And confess to our error in judgement? Even
if you find some good in a Trump presidency
the negatives far outweigh the positives. How
can anybody condone such questionable if
not illegal behavior? Chances are that all too
soon our number one man could be guilty as
charged. Has our constant exposure to lurid,
tawdry, and offensive behavior tainted us to
a point of no return? Have we sunk to a level
so low that we're unable to rise above? Or is
it possible that we will soon face reality and
ultimately triumph over all? Is the end near?
Partners in crime?
Whatever Mr. Robert Muller's report reveals
should be of no consequence. That's because
we already know the kind of a man Trump is.
Whatever your political affiliation, you know
that our President is a known liar and proven
adulterer. In the past that alone would have
been more than enough for most to reject his
leadership. What is it going to take to finally
prove he's the wrong guy for the job? Must
he also be convicted of thievery, collusion,
or conflicts of interest? All too soon that and
much more may happen. Until then how low
will we go before America finally says NO!?