Saturday, October 7, 2017


Sweat equity
In years past I have always considered October
unimportant. Whether due to global warming
or simply a cultural change in philosophy, the
fall fashion season has become purgatorial at
best. Historically post the Labor Day holiday
one was expected to transition their closet from
seersucker and shorts to cashmere and coats.
However given the thermometer throughout
our land continues to hover near the eighties -
such an approach to dressing isn't necessarily
feasible. Instead we find ways to bridge said
seasonal gap with a wear now strategy. And
so amidst said state of limbo, we improvise.
Getting from here to there
This week it snowed in Lewistown. Thus back
home everyone has transitioned to fleece and
mucks. For the past two days we've hit the low
eighties here in New York. Hence even if one
wanted to don a new fall frock - its' smart to
wait rather than sweat it out. Wherever one
lives, adapting to climactic change requires
flexibility and fortitude. But most important,
it forces us to consider the month of October
as transformational. By autumn's end we all
need a coat. Festive foliage will have come
and gone. And finally throwing another log
on the fire will actually make some sense.
The fall of civilization 
Who doesn't love autumn? However for most
of my life it's been a love/hate relationship.
A victim of hay fever, I've always had to stay
inside until after the first frost. So while the
weather was glorious, my time had to be spent
heavily medicated with a tissue box at hand.
However once Mother Nature finally chills,
I'm able to get out of the house and enjoy the
season. There is little as enjoyable as trumping
about a pumpkin patch or picking apples on a
crisp fall afternoon. And while raking leaves
may not be the most pleasant of tasks, doing
so beneath a pure blue sky is beyond glorious.
Walk this way
Since returning to Manhattan we've been hosting
friends and family. We truly enjoy squiring folks
about town. The shop windows along Madison
and Fifth are filled with fall finery. Yet given
we're still enjoying highs in the low eighties one
lacks any motivation to buy. Instead we've been
walking, and walking, and walking. Exploring
this city is always fun. But seeing it through the
eyes of visitors is even more exciting. This week
we've trod the pavement from almost one end of
the island to the other. And there is no doubt that
this city is in the midst of a major growth spurt.
The big apple is growing bigger and bigger!
Above and beyond
Throughout the city whats old is new. We
recently took the High Line from beginning
to end. This elevated urban oasis grew out
of a once abandoned train line that spans
one and a half miles along the lower east
side.  Since opening in 2009 the formerly
derelict neighborhoods adjacent have now
blossomed into vibrant places to live, work,
eat, and shop. However such revitalization
isn't happening in Manhattan alone. All one
has to do is look across any of the rivers that
surround this island to realize every part of
this city is being reinvented for the better!
Block party
Creativity and innovation fuel growth. The
dreamers in a community ultimately lead
the rest of us to a better place. Inevitably
successful urban renewal redefines existing
neighborhoods. Rather than considering the
past a liability, true pioneers leverage prior
assets in order to fuel growth. All of which
makes me more than optimistic about what
is going on back in Lewistown. Throughout
the community a plethora of projects are
gaining momentum. Many involve looking
at our downtown in new and unique ways.
All one has to do is think out of the box.