Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Sweat equity
While the EPA may reject the very concept of
global warming - I'm over whatever is heating
things up. New York has been hot and steamy
since the official start of autumn over a month
ago! Yesterday it was in the seventies with the
humidity hovering above eighty percent. Thus
fat folks like myself were sweating it out given
many Manhattan buildings have already flipped
the switch. Meaning that at least in the case of
our condominium - the air conditioning is off -
and the heat is on. Which makes the very idea
of chilling virtually impossible. Therefore even
dreaming of a cold snap seems to be for naught.
Neither here nor there
Having grown up in these here parts - I don't
recall it ever being this warm this late. Rather
than said increase in temperature being some
random anomaly - it has become an everyday
occurrence. Which at this point is TEDIOUS.
Why can't we move on to a new season and
leave summer behind? More important - why
can't someone put an end to such an archaic
heating and cooling hiatus? After all, I've had
enough hot flashes to hold me through winter.
I'm ready to move on and end the foolishness.
It's time that the leaves fell, we put on a big
pot of chili, and threw another log on the fire!
Delayed reaction
In politically incorrect days of yore we called
it "Indian Summer." However now I highly
doubt that folks like me nor any "indigenous
people" enjoy this endless heat wave. Due to
some global phenomena beyond our control
we're all forced to live in an extended state of
discontent. Which might be fine if we were
prepared for it. However stuck in neither here
nor there conditions- it's virtually impossible
to know what to wear. Thus while shorts and
a tank may still seem temperately correct -
most of us prefer to stew in those cashmere
sweaters that we've waited for months to don.
Lost or found?
Said heat wave has left me a mess. But hope
is on the horizon. Starting soon it's supposed
to cool off. Yet I can't help but resent that I've
had to suffer the consequences for past sins
against humanity.  While President Trump's
administration may be in denial about global
warming - many of us are ready and willing
to do whatever it takes to avoid frying in hell.
So rather than empower industrial powers,
shouldn't our representatives be protecting
our interests? They need to stand up for the
future and ALL AMERICANS. Not those
who prefer to profit from our collective loss!