Friday, October 27, 2017


Never again
I've only done drag once. And that was years
ago when I was in theory "straight". After
donning the accoutrements of the opposite
sex I quickly confirmed that the last thing
I wanted to do was bring out my feminine
side. First there was the discomfort of it all.
Then the danger of teetering on a pair of six
inch heels. Next the updraft that accompanies
wearing a dress. And we won't even discuss
the makeup or "press-on" nails. One thing
was certain by the end of the night. Which
is that while I deeply respect ladies - I can't
fathom doing what they "doo" every day!
Nocturnal emissions
Post leaving my last position I've settled into
a rhythm. One which has me slightly worried
that I'm becoming just like my girlfriends. It's
not our shared affinity for red wine. Nor that
I seem to be the one cooking dinner. Rather
it's the shift in my patterns from the morning
to night. Meaning that just like most gals, I
finish the day's chores and then settle down at
my computer with a glass of vino. And for all
sorts of reasons it's become "my time." Even
if I've got plenty of time each day to do what
I want. Next I'll be watching Lifetime movies!
Or worse, giving myself a pedicure. HELP!!!
Cleanliness is next to...
There is no doubt that simply keeping house
is quite a chore. In addition - taking care of
oneself plus one other can be all consuming.
Theres laundry, dusting, scrubbing the tub,
and my most dreaded yet satisfying of urban
activities - cleaning windows. Manhattan is
a filthy place. Thus a month post clearing up
one's outlook - it's very quickly compromised.
Fortunately our apartment has newer windows
which flip in for easy cleaning. And so I find
myself frequently spraying and scrubbing the
dirt away in order to see things more clearly.
And frankly, that's the kind of job I LOVE!
Off the job training
Within the corporate arena it can take many
months to achieve comparable satisfaction.
For most of my  career I embraced deferred
gratification. Now that my domestic side is
out I immediately see the results of my work.
In theory a crisply pressed sheet does nobody
any good but Frank and myself. But what could
be more satisfying than a job well done? So at
least for now, I'm happy being a hapless house
husband. All day long I revel in the freedom
of taking care of business whenever it suits me.
And while said tasks are often quite humble,
they've now become my trusted best friends.
Doggie treat
Speaking of best friends - we are seriously
considering getting a dog. Obviously I've
got lots of friends plus the best husband
anyone could ask for. However somehow
I crave a perpetual fur baby. A sweetie who
will ooze unconditional love as they happily
follow us throughout each day. Such a little
imp is certain to make me smile. But also
would reinforce the joy of simple pleasures.
You see, dogs appreciate the most basic of
indulgences. Hence every doggie biscuit is
their equivalent of winning the lottery. And
thus a pooch put keep things in perspective.
Girl power
Speaking of bitches, I may prefer to sleep with
men but I still adore women. Beyond Frank,
my nearest and dearest are females. Obviously
opposites attract. Yet I do share many common
interests with my lady friends. We both like
boys. In addition, we've no problem sharing
our deepest secrets or crying on a shoulder as
needed. In my experience the "weaker sex"
have proved they're braver and stronger. So if
indulging my feminine side makes me a sissy -
then so be it. I'm man enough to be a girly boy.
However, I do have my standards. Therefore
day or night I will NOT be wearing a dress!