Monday, September 11, 2017


Back track
The last days of summer are often the best. In
the weeks before the first frost our gardens are
glorious, the skies true blue, and yet few if any
of us are able to enjoy it. For most of America
life's grind is reinstated post Labor Day. While
the weather may be perfect - the majority of us
have to get back to work. Therefore many can't
help but be bitter. Especially when stuck behind
a desk as opposed to on the beach. As retirees
my parents considered September and October
the most divine months Maine had to offer. The
Atlantic was at it's warmest and all tourists had
exited. And yet all too soon winter will be here.
Brown and out
Here in Central Montana our days are
warm - our nights are crisp. However
this year is different. Lewistown is in
the midst of the worst summer drought
ever recorded. Hence our community
and surrounding countryside is as dry
as a bone. A tinder box ready to ignite.
All while a smoky haze obliterates our
view of the nearby mountains. Here in
town many of our neighbors have not
watered in weeks. Thus beyond a few
exceptions the grass is rarely greener
on the other side of the street.
Pest control
The good news is that here in town we've yet
to encounter a mosquito. Normally one would
slather on repellent in order to enjoy the great
outdoors at dusk. This year they are virtually
non-existent. However the yellow jackets and
wasps seem to be out for blood. This year they
are crazy and fairly aggressive. So much so that
we went out and purchased a disposable yellow
jacket "trap." After a week up it's now almost
full of victims. Meanwhile our domesticated
urban deer population continue to ravenously
devour anything green. Nature is if nothing
else quite challenged. And a bit confused...
Over medicated
Unfortunately for those who suffer from hay
fever this time of year is NOT pleasurable.
A few days ago I finally gave in and started
to take my antihistamine medication. The
reason I deferred said solution was because
for some odd reason it makes me NASTY.
Post downing a pill I become the equivalent
of a gay Mr. Hyde. Meaning that as I suffer
from a plethora of allergic reactions, Frank
must deal with an ogre in residence. Fully
aware that if he pokes a stick in this bear's
cage - he will sadly be forced to deal with
the unfair liabilities of my allergic reaction.
Red alert
Yet there are benefits to these tenuous times.
Our local farmer's market is full of fabulous
produce. While Frank didn't plant his huge
garden this year - our backyard tomatoes are
beyond spectacular. Nothing is better than a
freshly picked tomato. Whereas there is little
worse than any of the barely ripe hot house
varieties. Which is why I avoid those semi-
red orbs ten months out of the year. Better to
over indulge for a month than compromise
for the balance. Knowing that the end is near
makes everything seem even more delicious.
Don't forget there could be a frost tomorrow!