Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Orange you happy?
While it seems rather childish, most of
us claim to have a "favorite" color. Said
hue is one's signature - a key element in
our personal branding strategy. Or it can
be a complete and total compulsion. But
fortunately for those close to me - I tend
to apply the object of my affection in
extremely limited doses given orange is
for many an acquired taste. Hence when
it comes to my wardrobe - discretion of
expression comes via a Goyard wallet,
Hermes belt (reverse side), or some other
accessory. After all, less is more, isn't it?
Azure all right?
I'm not sure if one's preferred tone is
any indication of whatever phase of
life they're in. Much like Picasso -
I went through a blue period. Yet it
was always grounded in some sort
of neutral territory. And while I've
no desire to ever own another pale
blue damask camelback sofa, it was
nice while it lasted. Of course I still
adore our blue and white porcelain.
My favorite pattern remains Adams
Chinese Bird (with people). So am
I fickle or simply a colorful soul?
All mixed up?
The fact is I adore color - any color.
All of which I attribute to my beloved
professor at Pratt - Elizabeth Elberg.
To this day I leverage what I learned
in her class entitled "Light and Color."
Hence I'm fairly adept at mixing it up
if/when necessary. And I mean that
literally. For two semesters we did
exactly that with tempera - learning
how each of the primary colors played
a key role in every single combination
thereafter. So when I say there's a bit
of red in the blue... I seriously mean it.
Tone deaf?
When one lives on the bright side, there
is the risk of too much of a good thing.
The last thing I want is to live in is some
bubbling boho cauldron of color. Nor do
I desire to be the fat guy in a loud sport
coat. However living in a sea of black
can get rather boring. Therefore while
I've no desire to live in the equivalent of
some southern country club dining room
during Easter brunch - I enjoy coloring
my world. If nothing else it brightens my
outlook. What's wrong with being happy
every once in awhile? Lighten up kids!
Hue knew?
Obviously hues come in an out of fashion.
I recently came across several websites
focused on what they call "time capsule"
houses. Said residences basically look
exactly as they did when they were first
put together a lifetime ago. Which worries
me... will our home someday look equally
antiquated? I must admit that seeing such
a proliferation of turquoise populating the
decorating magazines worries me. Will
my front hall be deemed a joke before
I die? Or will it be forever be "timeless."
Is what goes around comes around true?
Foul ball?
At some point we all have to take a risk.
As with most indulgences less is more.
Hence when you hue, a little dab will
do it. Even it it's only an accent pillow,
lamp, or Rothko - a splash of color will
make whatever space you're in - yours.
The same applies to one's wardrobe.
While blue eye shadow may be passe -
an azure handbag or shoes is sure to
pump up any outlook. As long as one
doesn't appear like a clown - why not
color outside of the lines? Hue do that
voodoo that you do so well? YOU!

Hues idea was that?
Following are some 100% authentic "time capsule" houses. Enjoy!