Monday, April 11, 2016


Age before beauty?
A dear friend recently returned from an
extended trip beyond our shores. During
said sojourn she saw and savored many
wonderful things. However those weren't
the most beneficial aspects of her journey
afar. What stood out was the difference
in how she felt while away. Sans all of
the responsibilities of daily life she felt
like her old self. Her aches, pains, and
worries evaporated. Rather than being
filled with angst, she felt at peace. And
she was ready to conquer the world. So
why doesn't she feel that way at home?
Wake up call
At least for me, my daily outlook depends
on whatever greets me each morning. If
it's sunny - my outlook is exactly that.
However when gloomy - my perspective
is shady at best. Could I be suffering from
a bad case of light deprivation syndrome?
Or am I'm easily influenced by external
factors? All I know is that what's outside
impacts how I feel inside. For most of my
life I set that aside and went on with it.
My focus being on rushing to the office
to start my day. But when one stays close
to home how do you deter the doldrums?
Weather or not
While it's impossible to combat natural
phenomena there's no reason we can't
be happy whether or not the weather
cooperates. Nor must we necessarily
leave the country in order to sow our
wild oats. In truth all that's necessary
is a shift in one's attitude. Which may
be the hardest thing of all to do. For
me having some structure helps get
me from here to there. Hence why I
started writing this blog. Every day
I feel a sense of responsibility to all
of you and myself. And so... I write.
Time traveler
However jotting down one's thoughts
is no fountain of youth. Perception is
reality and most of us are delusional -
either to our benefit or detriment. The
other day I had a passport photo taken.
OMG. If nothing else said images are
brutal at best. OMG. Who is that liver
spotted old man in the picture? OMG.
Do I really look that bad? OMG. I've
got to go on a diet. OMG. Who does
dermabrasion in town? OMG. What
about an eye lift? OMG. Why doesn't
Frank leave me? I would! OMG!!!!
Upon reflection
When it comes to one's self perception -
facing facts has little benefit beyond the
stimulation of one's heart. Upon self
reflection, most of us see someone who
really doesn't exist. What I can't decide
is whether that's a good or a bad thing.
Women tend to only see their worst.
Whereas most gentlemen look in the
mirror and see some Greek God. Which
explains why females take much better
care of themselves. Whereas most boys
let it all hang out - often over their belts.
Where can one get rose colored glasses?
Home improvement
How does one improve their outlook?
One can stroll the sunny side of the
street. Yet only you know what your
personal panacea is. For me it's my
home. No matter how awful things
get (and at times they do) all I have
to do is look around. Surrounded by
a collection of memories and beauty
inspires me. Whether that's a Picasso
or some photo of your grandchild
doesn't matter. Whatever makes you
happy is ready and waiting You just
have to be willing to discover it.
Full steam ahead
Sometimes you have to get out of the
house. Many chase the blues by going
out for coffee or breakfast. Others like
to cruise a local merchant's clearance
aisle. Whatever makes you happy - do
it. Most important, don't let anything
deter your happiness. Given our body
clocks are ticking, why waste precious
time? If that means volunteering - give
it your all. Or indulging an elderly and
rather demanding parent... why not?
Whatever floats your boat - go cruising
on a daily basis. BON VOYAGE!