Thursday, April 7, 2016


Long distance call
Following a blog is like entering into
a long distance relationship. During
the last three years my readers have
become dear friends. We've never met
yet somehow we've connected across
Facebook or Google. While I don't all
of my "regulars" - you may feel like
you now me by now. Thus we meet
everyday for coffee or a glass of wine
as I go on and on about my life, love,
angst, and occasionally that taboo of
all topics - politics. Somehow we've
become intimates - far away friends.
Dearly departed
You're not alone. I also read and follow
other bloggers on a daily basis. Yesterday
I found out that John Foreman - author of
"Big Old Houses" had died. And I must
admit that the news hit me rather hard.
Obviously I never met John face to face.
Nor did we ever interact in any way. And
yet - I felt as if I'd lost a dear, old friend.
Together we shared a past imperfect as
we were both part of that generation who
tried to walk the straight and narrow only
to embrace our true selves later in life.
Plus he adored old houses, just like me!
Open and shut case
Weekly John posted tours of mondo
manses across the country. Somehow
he gained access to inner sanctums
normally off limits. Thus those who
loved grand old homes were able to
see more courtesy of Mr. Foreman.
Much like Frank and I - John lived
in what could only be deemed a
money pit and yet it just may have
been the love of his life. So while
I never really knew him, I feel that
I knew him fairly well. And now
that he's gone, I will truly miss him.
Home is where the heart is
Much like any friend, sometimes even
a blogger can get a bit tiresome. Hence
I've enjoyed a love and hate relationship
with another "friend." Ellie O'Connell
is both a Francophile AND homebody.
Once upon a time she was a decorator
with a fabulous shop in Santa Barbara.
Then she moved to Manhattan to be an
editor at Assouline. Soon thereafter she
was stricken with ALS (better known
as Lou Gehrig's disease). At that point
she, husband, and daughter packed up
and moved to Paris. What a way to go!
We'll always have Paris
Ellie's journey has been beautiful and
brutal. All has been documented via her
blog "Have Some Decorum." Recently
she has taken a turn for the worse. Since
then her silence has been deafening. The
other day Ellie's daughter posted for her
Mom. Apparently Ellie is near the end of
her journey. And the very idea that I will
never hear from her again saddens me
deeply. Once again, while we have never
met nor spoken, I consider her a friend.
Hence even once she's gone - whenever
I think of Paris I will think if Ellie.
Amongst friends
You are not alone. Many develop cyber
bonds with friends they'll never meet.
We interact in an intimate manner with
strangers. The immediacy of blogging
is akin to reading one's diary. All of my
ramblings are capriciously based on a
moment in time. Hence those who read
me daily are subjected to whatever is
on my mind. While quite self indulgent,
I couldn't do so without people like you
being ready and able to listen. Therefore
I humbly thank you for being my friend.
See you tomorrow, same time, same...