Thursday, April 21, 2016


The devil you know
Last night the beleaguered Lewistown
Government Review Commission held
a public hearing. Over seventy people
filled the room and once the rules were
established, played by them. Ultimately
the audience was divided with the same
players stepping up to the microphone.
Rhetoric aside, their biggest gripe was
that some feel they're not being heard
by our government. Yet one wonders
how many ever actually engaged in a
dialogue with their representatives. So
why expect something from nothing?

Silent but deadly
What about this silent majority? You
know, all of those who don't speak up
or didn't even bother to attend? Our
community's angst seems similar to
that of most citizens within these United
States. The disenfranchised are outraged
at government control over their lives.
Yet in all reality, they rarely if NEVER
actually participate in our democratic
process. Hence while they may feel that
nobody is listening, it's pretty hard to
hear somebody say NOTHING. Thus
why doest they protest much so much?

Birds of a feather
From the beginning of time humans
have opted to follow rather than lead.
Said lambs are easily led to slaughter.
They simply want to be told what to
think and say. Which explains the rise
of players like Adolf or Benito. While
the American way is most certainly
under siege, few if any have a better
solution. What's lacking is the active
engagement of people like you... and
me. And the only way to be heard is
to speak out which is what many did
last night. But where was everyone else?

Fault free insurance
Somebody once said put up or shut up.
Unless you're willing to say something,
stop complaining. Communication is a
give and take where two participate in
the process. Sitting back and expecting
someone to read your mind is a waste
of everybody's time. However being
bitter that your hidden personal agenda
isn't being addressed by your legislators
is in my opinion criminal. Whenever did
being a mind reader become key criteria
for being a successful politician. How did
blame become the rule of the game?

Back up plan
While I most certainly did not agree
with many of those in the room last
night, I'm grateful they were there.
In addition, I'm thankful that their
hostile takeover was what prompted
my wakeup call. I'm as guilty as the
rest of you. I was perfectly happy to
be self consumed with my own life.
And frankly, more than glad to spout
an opinion about how to fix things
even if I had no idea what was broken
or... why. Not only was said behavior
irresponsible, it was counter productive.

Listen and learn
Now that we're in the midst of a rough
Presidential campaign - there has never
been a better time to make your voice
heard. If you're disgusted with all your
choices, just remember that we've only
got ourselves to blame. Years of being
too busy to participate has led us all to
what many consider a dead end. And
so we must do the best with what we've
got. That means stepping and speaking
up. So whether we agree or not, I can't
wait to hear what you've got to say. I'm
listening... and can everybody else!