Friday, April 22, 2016


Slowly but surely
While it's officially been spring since
mid March, it's finally starting to feel
like it here in central Montana. There's
no doubt that we lag behind most thus
Lewistown is most definitely NOT an
early bloomer. However slowly but
surely the trees are budding and the
posies are popping. Which means that
Frank spends his days in the garden.
And while it's tempting to plant some
seedlings, the odds are still against us.
After all, it snowed earlier this week.
So, patience is still very much in order.
Spin cycle
In truth we got off rather easy this winter.
While quite long, it was fairly temperate.
We Montanans are more than grateful for
whatever caused this hot flash whether
Il Nino or global warming. Experiencing
such phenomena, one can easily drift into
a state of delusion - doing crazy things
like planting wisteria. However given
history repeats itself, there's no doubt
that next winter we could descend into
a deep freeze obliterating even the most
hardiest of species. And so, Montanans
gather ye rosebuds while we may.
Blossom time
If I miss anything, it's springtime back
east. That long, languorous, extended
period of blooming quince, dogwood,
forsythia, magnolias, hyacinth, and
tulips. For months it seems that Mother
Nature shakes off her winter doldrums
with a glorious splash of color. Here in
Montana, much like our local ladies, her
approach is much simpler and practical.
One has to search for bits of happiness
amidst our vast wide open spaces. And
somehow, when one discovers a random
blossom it's all the more special.
Best foot forward
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Thus if for no other reason, deprivation
makes the slightest indulgence beyond
decadent. While I occasionally long for
the elegance, panache, and frenzy of
Manhattan - I'm perfectly happy here
in the middle of no where. Surrounded
by dirt, dust, and mud laden boots, one
can fully appreciate that beautiful pair
of handmade Italian shoes. Whereas in
the Big Apple when one wants to step
out they compete amidst a stampede of
podophiliacs. Once again less is more.
Eyes wide shut
However there are times when one needs
a dose of reality. Seeing one's world anew
puts everything in context. A dear friend
just returned from a winter away. Post a
recent shift into "retirement"status - she
detoxed in a warmer climate. Upon her
return she was amazed to discover (well,
actually rediscover) the awe inspiring
beauty of central Montana. While bogged
down by the pressures of her job she had
been unable to see the forest for the trees.
Let alone the wildflowers that lay beneath.
Suddenly what was old was... new again.
New and improved
Given spring is all about renewal, it's
an opportunity for all to start afresh.
And if nothing else, a time to look at
our lives from a different perspective.
Here in central Montana, winter is a
period of self reflection mixed with
isolation. Once the weather finally
gets warmer, we all come out of our
cocoons - ready to fly to new heights
post hibernation. In such a climate of
opportunity, there's nothing one can't
do. So what has been laying fallow on
your wish list? Make it happen!