Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Flake off
Sometimes against all odds one
simply has to give in. In the case
of last Sunday, that was exactly
the situation here in Lewistown.
It snowed all day. And while it
actually was rather pretty - the
white stuff piled on and on - inch
by inch - until finally we had more
than a foot of new snow. Sparkling,
feather light frozen fluff covered
everything with a fairy dusting of
pixie dust.  And as long as one did
not go out - all was beautiful.

This is all beneath me
The problem is life goes on. Therefore
many had to be out and about. What
made our winter weather even more
challenging was that along with the
snowflakes, the thermometer fell. By
Monday evening - the low was well
into the double digits below zero.
Meanwhile underneath it all lurked
the most dreaded of evils - black ice.
Hence while all looked quite innocent,
I easily took a spill that fortunately did
not end up with any broken bones. Yet
I must admit I was more than rattled.

Walk this way
Here in Central Montana most live quite
long and happy lives. However once one
shifts from facile footsteps to a walker -
suddenly your world becomes a rather
scary place. You see, like it or not local
weather patterns warm then cool creating
the perfect environment for ominous ice
slicks. Thus many of advanced vintage
live in fear November through early May.
While all may seem quite safe and secure,
a walk around the block is life threatening.
So you either stay in or cautiously venture
out risking a broken hip or bruise at best.

Deferred maintenance
One must remember that this is
the wild west. A place where a
four wheel drive is the only way
to get anywhere. It can take days
to dig out. Thus the plows wait
until it's all over rather than even
attempt to battle Mother Nature's
output. Having lived in civilized
climes before, I find abstinence
confusing at best. Is it strategic
deferral, a lack of funds, or just
pure and simple laziness? Why
must I wait to get plowed?

Ebb tide
I get that trying to stem the tide can be
futile at best. Yet one must argue that
keeping the roads free should be a top
priority rather than necessary evil. All
sense of responsibility fades away with
the holidays. That means that any serfs
who should be shoveling are probably
off surfing somewhere. Everybody's
priorities are a bit off and hence one
wonders if it wouldn't be better to dive
in and join those who escape to warmer
climes. Isn't that better than sitting and
shivering as one weathers the storm?!

Chill out
The problem is I really don't like the
idea of becoming a snow bird. Most
locals of a certain vintage escape to
Arizona. I could warm up to that idea,
yet I don't relish the thought of having
to maintain dual manses. Instead a
brief respite at a posh resort appeals
rather than several months sitting in
some cardboard condo furnished with
cast offs. For now Frank and I plan to
escape to a nearby hot spring for a few
days post New Years. We'll eat, drink,
sleep, and soak. LET IT SNOW!