Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hang in there
After weeks of hiding, finally these two
holiday decorating fairies descended on
Lewistown. With Christmas Eve a week
away, we needed to get our act together.
Rather than act out in the process - our
agreement was to deck our halls without
destroying our relationship. I don't know
why, but when you get two anal retentive
esthetes focused on the same task - all
hell breaks loose. Happily we divided
and conquered and in the end neither
was strung out. Now at least two men
in Lewistown are absolutely well hung.
Wood you please do it
Many know I have a Christmas
tree phobia. Post eons in retail,
I've decorated more than enough
and hence prefer to not to pine.
Some find this odd but I do not
like erecting wood (putting the
tree up that is). The process is a
rather tenuous gamble. First one
must select, then saw, then screw,
then fluff, then water. For many
reasons it has often seemed more
appropriate to yell timber when
it was impossible to keep it up!
Step away from the tree
However, after multiple adjustments
we finally got things to stand tall. So
next came the lights. As a friend says -
"that's when I leave the house." One
of the things I love most about Frank
is his attention to detail. Yet when it
comes to lighting up - he stealthily
takes his time. The end result always
is more than spectacular. But as with
most things fabulous - it takes time.
Thus it's best that I do my own thing
somewhere else. Otherwise my zeal
to help might cause a conflagration.

A job well hung
While one's gay DNA seems to include
a passionate affection for Judy Garland,
in my case said ardor does not apply to
the green stuff. While Frank battled his
bulbs, I grappled with the garland. This
year we wrapped our exterior columns
and stately staircase with fragrant fir
boughs. The process of dragging and
draping eighteen yards of greenery up
and down the stairs was tiresome but
I adore the end result! Almost more
important - I did it all myself and did
not get too wrapped up in the mess!

All balls out
Once we were fully lit (not egg nog
as it was still daytime) Frank started
to hang the ornaments. This is the
first year we're doing a tree together.
Normally Frank arrived in Montana
early and did it all himself. While
I'm certain he appreciated my help -
I couldn't help but feel my presence
wasn't necessary.  Much like seating
at a state dinner - each key player is
carefully placed. There's a method
to his madness and as long as I do
as I'm told, our season will be bright!

Full circle
Next I shifted my attention onto the
large wreath we had made for our
dining room window. Over thirty six
inches in diameter, I couldn't allow
the florist to decorate it. While one
might assume we boys glitter and be
gay, yet actually we prefer to keep
things simple. If our pine cones are
ever frosted, it happens naturally. So
while I've been known to aim a glue
gun at times, less is definitely more.
After some ribbon and primping our
decor came full circle - BRAV OH!
Do you smell what I smell?
By the end of the day, we both glowed
with satisfaction given we'd survived
the process. Not only was our beautiful
home ready for it's first Christmas, our
relationship remained intact. One thing
is certain, neither of us regret keeping
things fresh. While artifice may at times
be appropriate, we both agree it is not
appropriate during the holidays. One
may have to vacuum up the bits and
pieces but the joint looks pretty good
and smells even better. Tomorrow I'll
share pictures of the end result.