Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Dark secret
It comes to no surprise to many of you
that I am a creature of habit. Hence
the fact that any variation to my daily
ritual throws me more than a bit off.
I've always been an early riser. Part
of my motivation to arise prior to the
sun is that few others do the same.
And those who do are morning loners
just like me. We appreciate the silence
and solace of a world asleep. While
I get much accomplished during that
time, most of my energy is focused
on simply waking up. It's tough!
Bean there, done that
First things first, caffeine is of the
upmost importance and usurps all
else. Hence I literally bump and
grind each dawn. By bump I refer
to the fact that I bump my way as
a wander about the house in a daze.
Grind refers to the fact that while
oblivious to much prior to a dose
of java - my rigid coffee standards
require freshly ground beans and
a French press. By the time the
water boils, boy do I need to sip
on a strong cup of black coffee!
Bare essentials
You used to have to wait
until I got into the office
before you could read a
new Montana Roue. Now
before I'm even dressed
I post that day's blog on
Facebook and Linkedin.
But you don't have to
wait till then - every day
a new blog goes up at
4 a.m. MST. Log onto
anytime - naked or not!
Secret society
Next I browse Facebook. Part of me hates
to admit that I rather enjoy this suspicious
communication stream. It's a fast and easy
way to keep up on those I care about and
I often find out about things I never knew
both good and bad. While some abuse the
venue with pedantic personal photos and
platitudes - most are rather well behaved
and limit their spewing. While I realize
many feel that there is a secret Facebook
conspiracy to evade my privacy - I'm
willing to take the risk and post. After
all, if I'm that interesting, please enjoy!
Return to sender
What did any of us do before e-mail?
I can't imagine my world sans the
immediacy of said communication
stream. Obviously I'm comfortable
with the written word. As important
I love the freedom and flexibility of
chatting without a phone glued to my
ear. Hence those who truly know me
understand that if they want answers
they had better ask via e-mail. Sadly
my in-box has become just as filled
with junk as "snail mail." So the first
thing I do is PRESS DELETE.
Daily news
My very favorite morning task is reading
other people's blogs. There are so many
that I adore and even more that I abhor.
Yet I still read them all daily. This public
forum provides all sorts of folks with a
way to engage, edify, and educate. Not
a day passes that I don't learn something
new as others share what's important to
them. I can't imagine what I would do
without my "friends." Hmmm... maybe
that's how you feel about montanaroue.
No wonder you're crabby when you can't
log on! I promise to wake up earlier!
Flipping my lid
Each morning ends with writing this
blog. Sometimes I have no idea what
I'm going to say. However after I've
consumed a pot of coffee, talked to
friends, and learned something new,
inspiration usually bursts upon me.
Some days it's a slow start however
by the time I complete my missive,
I've come to a conclusion that even
surprises me! That task done, I hit
the bathroom. However as a matter
of public safety, I'll spare you the
details. Garbage in.... garbage out!