Monday, December 8, 2014


"It's easier to write
 about those you hate."
                                                DOROTHY PARKER
It's hard not to embrace bitterness.
While Thumper once said, "If you
can't say something nice then say
nothing at all" - I prefer to devour
bunnies, rather than listen to them.
Yet little is as fun as dishing about
somebody you LOATHE. Vitriolic
venom is actually a coward's way
out. You see, whispering behind
someone's back is so much easier
than stating the truth to their face.
"Hatred is the coward's
 revenge for being intimidated."
                                                                    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW
Once one has been wronged, one's
natural inclination is to lash back
in retaliation. After all, they started
it so why wouldn't you finish them
off? Sadly retaliation seems to only
fuel those who have already done
the damage. Many years ago my
Father warned me to watch out for
secretly ignorant folks within the
workplace. Howard said "Fear can
make people do horrible things."
"In time we hate that
 which we often fear."
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Anthony & Cleopatra
Ignorance is not bliss. In all actuality,
stupidity and myopia fuel the most
lethal of incendiary weapons - anger.
While some may attribute poisonous
piety to a lack of knowledge, I argue
that most hatred is bred by an excess
of arrogance. If open minded, one's
growth springs from exploration and
exposure to the new and unknown.
All of which requires the bravery to
admit you've got something to learn.
"The opposite of love is
 not hate, it's indifference."
                                                                         ELIE WIESEL
Cruelty is a subtly terminal cancer.
Once one becomes stricken by said
plague all boundaries of civilized
behavior mutate according to one's
warped perspective. Yet what is
even sadder is that most stand idly
by and allow those diseased to hurt
and damage without consequences.
In the end everybody gets hurt and
while some may feign innocence,
the truth is we are all culpable.
"Hate the sin, love the sinner."
                                                                       MAHATMA GANDHI
Evil often hides behind a mask of piety
whereas good humbly stands up for all
that is just and right. Can it be possible
that hatred is not a sin? The extremely
self righteous use God as justification
for destructive doings. Many claim that
the very foundation of their faith is now
threatened by two men getting legally
married. I hate fools. And nothing is as
foolish as a pious Catholic quoting a
Hindu "pagan" while defending their
prejudice. Dumb or dumber?
"Hate cannot drive out hate.
 Only love can do that."
                                              MARTIN LUTHER KING
Some things rarely change. We still
live in an unfair world. While most
were outraged by recent events in
Ferguson and Staten Island, others
defended violence against unarmed
minorities. Their prejudice fueled
by hatred and ignorance, it seems
almost impossible to find good in
all of this bad. Yet men like Gandhi
and Martin Luther King changed
our world with unity not disparity.
"Always forgive your enemies.
 Nothing annoys them so much."
                                                                                          OSCAR WILDE
So why this diatribe on hatred? While
my gay issues pale in comparison to
legally sanctioned murder, I harbor
some form of hatred for those who
unfairly changed my life against my
will. I'm shackled by that anger and
hence must forgive and forget what's
past in order to move forward into
the future. So I'm turning the other
cheek and if that happens to be a
lower one that they can kiss, so be it!