Monday, December 29, 2014


Neither here nor there
While some find this rather odd respite between Christmas and New Years enjoyable, I don't. Suddenly the house is a veritable jet stream of flotsam and jetsam. Forlorn boxes and bits of discarded wrapping paper hide in ever corner. I can't wait to purify. To take down all of the petrified pine and clean out the joint. And yet, for whatever reason one must wait a proper amount of time. Hence I'm stuck with almost dead narcissus and wilted amaryllis. Talk about depressing.
Dirty laundry
On top of all of that, all of our house
guests have departed after a week's
stay. Suddenly the house echoes and
one can't help but miss them. Like
most things - we crave whatever we
don't have. Fortunately they will be
gone but not forgotten given they
left a mound of linen to deal with.
I'll take pleasure in remembering all
of the good times as I soak, rinse,
dry, starch, press, and fold what's
left behind. What better way to end
this year than cleaning up one's act!
Home alone
Kind friends have invited us out but
honestly, I must suffer through my
post holiday stress syndrome quietly
at home. After weeks of frenzy it's
finally ended. Soon another year will
begin. Suddenly you're older, fatter,
and wiser. And while the benefit of
experience is well worth the journey,
wouldn't it be nice if we got smarter
without all of that wear and tear?
Why do wrinkles always accompany
wisdom? I guess the older one gets,
the closer they get to heaven.
Am I blue?
Please don't assume I'm a curmudgeon.
Actually I'm rather an optimist. Hence
I know that soon my outlook will be
positive. Maybe I'm suffering from
light deprivation but about this time
every year I shift into my blue period.
Much like everything in life, my moods
are cyclical. Hence I'm fully aware that
soon the days will grow longer and my
outlook will become brighter. Whether
it's a chemical imbalance or I'm bored
doesn't really matter. Soon I'll find my
way out of this post holiday limbo!
Love is in the air
One must question whether one seminal day is worth all of the before and after. That very thought causes me to step back and think about my daily existence. Living in a small hamlet in Montana is all about the simple things in life. My better half truly fulfills me. Our family's love enriches. Friends affirm and enhance. And solitude enables me to step back and reflect. Ultimately the answer to the question is that I AM BLESSED. And that is rather humbling.
Please take note
Am I truly better off than anybody else?
I doubt it. My competitive advantage is
that holiday mania aside, I now have the
time and space to enjoy all that God has
given me. After years of chasing many
rainbows I've finally settled in a place
that allows me to be me. Where is your
nirvana? When is the last time that you
focused on what matters... TO YOU?!
Give yourself a late holiday gift - make
a list of all the things that truly make you
happy. You'll be surprised at the result.
What better way to end and start a year?