Friday, December 5, 2014

Neither here nor there...

Do the limbo
Working in retail, I looked forward
to the first weeks of December. As
our lives have collectively gotten
busier, most seem to wait until the
last minute to prep for the holidays.
Hence during the days immediately
after Black Friday one could easily
bowl down the aisles of most malls.
In a way this time is a self imposed
holiday purgatory. A time to regroup,
refocus, recoup from Thanksgiving.
And defer as long as possible all of
the work it takes to get to Christmas.
It's a bough time
I'm doing my best to be organized.
Hence I've got a list that grows daily.
Given this is our first Christmas in
the Passion Pit, we need quite a bit
of stuff with which to deck our halls.
And we're accomplishing quite a bit.
Yesterday I wrapped some twine
around our front columns in order
to measure how much fresh garland
we needed. Same thing for the front
hall railing. Shorty after, we hauled
ourselves over to the nursery to buy
yards upon yards of the green stuff.
The circle is unbroken
While there we also ordered a grand
and glorious wreath to hang upon our
dining room window. It just seems to
be the right spot for something that is
more than a bit celebratory. Given it's
the dead center of our facade - an orb
of pine should be the finishing touch.
My problem is that now I have to sift
through the holiday debris to find the
perfect ribbon to make it even more
fabulous. Once again proof that even
after I've checked off my list, there's
some additional task that's added to it.
Fresh picked
The Friday after Thanksgiving we'd
every intention of cutting down our
Christmas tree while up at the cabin
for the day. However the temptation
to sip vino in front of the fire deferred
any of our Paul Bunyan tendencies.
So yesterday, we also stopped at our
local car repair shop/christmas tree
yard to purchase the perfect pine. I'm
still amazed at how affordable things
are here in rural Montana. We selected
a fresh, fragrant, and fine fir and paid
next to nothing. AND... they deliver!
Wait and see
Now we have a veritable forest just
waiting to be strung and hung about
the house and yet that is frankly the
last thing I want to do. For whatever
the reason I'm not ready to celebrate
the season. Deep within me lies the
desire to defer any decorating for at
least another week. Yes, most have
already turned on their lights but I'm
resisting joining the pack. I want this
holiday to be especially special. And
somehow stringing it out for too long
feels wrong. So we'll sit this one out.
On your mark...
Don't worry. I've become a confirmed
Montanan. That means I checked out
the weather forecast prior to making
any deferral decisions. Fortunately it's
going to be rather mild next week with
highs in upper forties. Perfect weather
for tethering one's bits and twigs. One
thing is certain, Ethel will be proud.
No gaudy lights. No twinkling sprites.
No carols booming from speakers. Just
a simple, fresh, and elegant celebration
of the season. And once it's all up, the
holidays will truly begin. I CAN WAIT.