Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where did the time go?

Wrap it up
With less than ten days to Christmas,
we're all crazed. Yesterday I spent the
day spinning. We still must decorate,
prep for house guests, host a Sunday
Open House, and have gifts under the
tree by the twenty fifth. For whatever
reason it seems there aren't enough
days left and hence I'm in a frenzy.
All of this is caused by the fact that
I did absolutely nothing until just a
few days ago. Honestly, my mania
may be self inflicted but it isn't as
bad as I think it is. HO HO NO!
Stop and smell the balsam
Once I stop and calm down it's possible
to suddenly realize that I'm actually
organized. Several weeks ago I did as
much of my Christmas shopping locally
as possible. Given our local merchants
wrap up whatever is purchased, I was
able to stash a plethora of goodies in
preparation for loading onto an express
sleigh.  I also ordered all of my grand
daughter's presents and they have since
arrived - and miracle or miracles - NO
back orders! I've got my act together.
Yet why am I still so worried?
It's in the mail
Today I shipped that mound of gifts
to friends and family across the land.
Happily no one seems to be going
postal at the busiest place in town.
Actually the staff is in a better mood
than those waiting in the long line.
A young lady behind the counter said
"It's more interesting when it's busy."
In a small town you're bound to know
somebody in postal purgatory thus the
time does fly. Soon it will all be over.
Until then, all I have to do is finish my
cards. Check that off your list Santa!
It takes a village
Santa's not the only one with a list.
The Passion Pit is as busy as Grand
Central Station with folks finishing
up the bits and pieces on our punch
list. It's amazing how even the most
tiny missed items amass to become
a massive mound of menial tasks.
We've figured out our heating issues
and hence the heat is on as the team
reworks the system. Soon everyone
will go home until spring when we
start the final phase of restoration.
Ever hear of empty nest syndrome?
What's your poison?
I can't tell you how grateful we are for
the talented craftsmen who have made
our dreams a reality. Sunday afternoon
we host an open house to thank them
and their significant others. Hosting
fifty folks for cocktails and nibbles
could be daunting - but we've got it
under control. All of the sweets and
hors d'oerves are being prepared by
pros. The best bartender in town will
be mixing it up. And a favorite lady
will be passing out the hot stuff. It's
time to party down and celebrate!
A job well hung
It's not just me. Many friends and
fellow roues have been deferring
decorating. Slowly but surely we
are decking our halls. But I can't
help but revel in the delayed decor.
In this case - the later, the better.
Not only will our greens be even
fresher, everything will seem more
special. I honestly can't understand
those who put their trees up months
in advance. In the old days most
waited till Christmas Eve. So why
can't we be a bit old fashioned?
Share the love
Even a saint can forget the real reason
for the season. Whatever one believes,
celebrating a gift of unconditional love
can't be all that bad. Yesterday a friend
stopped by. It was obvious that he was
out of sorts. So I stopped spinning and
sat down to chat. Soon he was pouring
his heart out. If we can't show someone
we care at Christmas, why bother with
all of the trappings? There is no greater
gift than to giving someone a hug when
they really need it. So please, stop the
mania and spread glad tidings of joy!