Monday, December 22, 2014

The party's over...

And then there were none
It's funny how one spends weeks
preparaing for an event and then
POOF... it's over and done. I'm
told everything was a success at
our Open House yesterday. Given
it was our first Passion Pit soiree,
everything worked out well. Just
placing the bar in the Sun Room
was a great success. Everybody's
favorite room, once we added
booze and a charming bar maid -
you couldn't get anybody to mingle
or jingle elsewhere! Have another?
Guest reviews
Overall I'm glad it's over. Now my
holiday can truly begin. The first of
our houseguests are fully ensconced
in the South Guest Suite. Nobody
has stayed in those rooms to date so
I'm eager to get their feedback. In
theory we should have tried it out
prior - however, who wants to dirty
some sheets for one night? The good
news is they're family. So if they don't
like something, don't worry, we'll hear
about it! Who needs Trip Advisor?!
We've got "B" & "J" to review us!
Free to be me
After running around for weeks like
a maniac, I don't know how to handle
my newfound leisure. The house is
decorated and clean. Dinner parties
and open houses are over. Christmas
gifts and cards mailed or shipped.
We're not hosting Christmas dinner
and we're not exchanging gifts (Italy
was more than indulgent.)  So what's
left to do? Nothing except enjoy my
holiday. While I doubt you'll see me
caroling merrily on the square, I may
have a lilt in my step. Imagine that!
Diversion tactics
Have you pushed yourself over the
edge? Why can't we stop all of this
foolishness? Do you actually think
someone will miss that extra batch
of Christmas cookies? Won't those
presents shift everyone's attention
from dust bunnies under your sofa?
Is it possible that no one will notice
if Christmas dinner is catered from
the grocer? now that I have time to
stop and think, I may have come a
conclusion. Could delusion be the
reason most abhor the season?
Back to basics
The true purpose of the holidays is to
celebrate unconditional love. Hence
Chanukah isn't only an homage to the
long ago dedication of the temple in
Jerusalem. Rather, it's about Jewish
families gathering. Christmas isn't
about Santa and gifts, it honors the
greatest gift of all. Whatever you
believe (or don't), one can't question
the benefit of spending time with your
family and friends. Yet is seems that
in our rush to make that happen, we
forget what it's really all about - love.
Shell games
In truth, these horrifically hectic days
are purely a distraction. Yesterday was
the shortest day of the year. In theory
keeping active during the darkest days
of winter should be a perfect antidote
for the doldrums. However, the idea
of two weeks on a beach is starting to
seem like a better way to chill out. If
we're honest, few if any of us enjoy
the fiendish frenzy that consumes our
lives from Thanksgiving until New
Years Day. Why can't we just say no?
Is Santa holding a gun to our heads?
Survival instinct
Tradition is very traditional and while
nobody loves the status quo more than
I, maybe it's time for Santa's elves to
stop the foolishness. Before you freak
out - I'm not pulling out paper plates
next Christmas. That said, we should
all consider a different approach to
the holidays. The good news is I've
got the next few days to ponder how
to get back to basics. With nothing else
to do, I may figure out an alternative.
Or... maybe I've already discovered
that less is more during the holidays!