Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let us entertain you...

With pleasure
Last night we hosted our first "real"
dinner party at The Passion Pit. As
chronicled herewith, we've already
hosted many family gatherings. Yet
it wasn't until now that we were ready
to invite people outside of our familial
sphere. It was a celebration of sorts -
a signal of a new life in a new (yet old)
place. While I'm still dealing with the
debris, I can't help but reflect on just
how pleasant it is to share our home
with others. And while a social whirl
is not impending, we'll do it again!
Executive search
As yesterday's blog indicated, neither of
us have plans to become janitors within
the near future. That said, theres an odd
sense of satisfaction about a clean house.
I can't fathom those people one sees on
television who amass so much muck that
it's unhealthy! That said I can understand
how even the most hardy of hoarders can
get overwhelmed. We're still in the process
of moving in. Hence one stumbles on the
occasional box of surprises. Within this
massive manse we're still searching for
a few lost items, Someday, we'll find them!
Hyper productive
I doubt that I'll ever not be a city person
by nature. While I don't frequent our
grocer on a daily basis, my pattern is
at least two to three times a week. In
a town where once a month ranchers
ride miles to stock up, the ladies behind
the register are becoming accustomed
to what I heap in my cart. They're more
than fascinated by the massive mounds
of flowers we purchase weekly. I guess
most locals rarely pick posies unless it's
for Mom - not their dining room table!
Every day is a gift at The Passion Pit!
Stirring the pot
One thing is certain, I do love to cook.
Hence any excuse to trot out my old
friends (recipes) for new ones makes
me happy. The menu was simple -
Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chiffonade
of Napa Cabbage, Romaine, Fennel,
and Radish, my favorite friend "C's"
brisket recipe (poked with pancetta),
Potato Gratin, Roasted Brussel Sprouts,
and an Apple Tart. While the above may
sound a tad posh, it's really just comfort
food in disguise. Apparently they liked
it as barely a scrap was left behind!
Freshly laid
Of course setting the table is of upmost
importance. Truly one of my greatest
pleasures in life (besides Frank) - I love
creating a beautiful venue in which to
enjoy food, friends, and fun. Now that
all of my crockery is within easy reach,
I rotate our finery. Last night the china
was a mix of golden twenties Pickard,
mid century Spode,  and Limoges. Any
excuse to trot out my Yeoward and Val
St Lambert is a reason to celebrate. Why
don't you let your old friends out of the
closet? Pretty things must be enjoyed!
All mixed up
In my opinion, an evening doesn't start
without at least one or two Manhattans.
After a day of prepping and poofing I'm
ready for some liquid refreshment. As
guests arrive, a bit of lubrication helps
them ease into the evening. I've found
that less is more when it comes to bits
and pieces prior to the main event. So
I simply put out two to three cheeses on
a platter plus some charcuterie. Again,
this is all about starting off right - after
all the host's job is to pique their guest's
interest. Will you have another?
This must be the place
An evening doesn't start until we're
seated at the adult's table. It's fun to
assemble the right mix of folks and
then scatter them around me. Life
is short - so we might as well enjoy
our time here on earth. Honestly
nightly dinners at home with my
homo are among my life's greatest
pleasures, yet I do enjoy when others
join us occasionally. Most important,
one should be entertained while you
entertain. I've never found that boors
are very appetizing have you?!
Black out
As an evening winds down, we all
need a little jolt. Fortunately most
gentlemen no longer require that the
ladies leave them alone with cigars
and port. I still do enjoy a cognac
post repast. It just finishes things off.
At this point in life I find that coffee
keeps me up (in a bad way). In past
I could down a double espresso at
midnight and snooze till seven. Now
that I'm a Montanan, I've mellowed
and thus no longer require additional
stimulus. I'll drink to that!
We must do this again
After several cocktails and bottles of
wine, this host has occasionally been
known to nod off at the opposite end
of the table. While charming guests
requires some work, I ultimately reap
the most benefits. I  believe in treating
others the way you want to be treated.
Hence pampering someone I care about
not only makes them feel good, it gives
me incredible pleasure. So while I don't
plan on hosting a soiree every night,
be assured that the best is yet to come.
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