Saturday, January 25, 2014

What weekend?!

The pause that refreshes
I relish the idea of a quiet weekend
spent alone at home. However sadly
that's just a dream. The older I get,
the more I forget. Therefore I must
now jot down voluminous lists! By
the time Friday evening rolls around,
we spend it chatting and planning
ways to accomplish all that we have
to do on Saturday. How did relaxing
become so much work?!
Out and about
Rather than loll around the house on
a Saturday morning, one has to travel
hither and yon to complete "to do's".
Everybody else seems to be doing the
same thing. The subway is packed with
people discussing what they have to
accomplish while toting flotsam and
jetsam related to said tasks. I wonder
if anything really gets accomplished or
is it simply talked and talked about?!
Quest for the best
My compilation of consumption means
hitting all of the shops one can't get to
during the week. Dragging oneself far
downtown to go to the butcher might
seem odd, however the Oso Bucco one
serves the following week is well worth
the effort. In a city full of options, why
shop from a meager mix of fromage at
Whole Foods versus the multitude of
mold at Murrays? Move your cheese!

Honey don't
In the old days all of this tension
invariably led to a rather intense
"chat" with my beloved. While
he never raised a hand, I often
talked to said hand. After a week
of managing a team, I tend to be
a bit bossy. Therefore Frank's oft
reply of "I don't work for you".
Semantics aside, it would be so
easy if he did as he was told!

All that ends
Layering all of this effort on
top of a busy social schedule
can easily push one over the
edge. While there may be no
greater accomplishment than
checking off one's list, come
Saturday evening all I want to
do is check out! As soon as I
shift into weekend mode, we
recall that we're scheduled to
sup with someone, somewhere.
And suddenly you realize that
your weekend is almost over!