Saturday, January 4, 2014

That funny feeling

Seems like old times...
It's inevitable that I start the new year
out with a cold. However 2014 is the
exception as I spent the last two weeks
of last year with a horrific one. This
gift that kept on giving hit me right
before I left Manhattan. Sadly it just
dragged on from the beginning of our
holiday festivities till the end. That was
SNOT the way I wanted to spend my
winter vacation in Montana.

A total head case
As I age it seems that there's nothing as
simple as a common cold. Whenever I
contract a bad case of the sniffles it tends
to go from bad to worse. That often means
a sinus infection that if possible could be
even more unpleasant than a migraine. For
some reason infection quietly creeps up on
me and then BAM - my head feels as if
some rude ruffian has enwrapped it in a
Siberian death grip! Let my sinus go!

Wake up
Frank tends to have little sympathy for me
during my annual winter malady. Given that
there is a pattern to when and how I seem to
get a cold, his theory is I do it to myself. One
really can't argue if one goes out every night
for weeks on end. Sadly any cold I contract
seems to go into my chest which results in a
deep seated cough. Ending in a cold combo
of horrific hacking and roaring snoring which
does not create the most pleasant night music.

There ought to be a way
I can't quite understand why someone hasn't figured out a cure for the common cold. Surely with all of our scientific knowledge and technology one must be within easy reach. Until it happens, there's no way to avoid getting one beyond enjoying a good night's sleep and staying close to home. Chances are you'll probably suffer through at least one this season. In the end all we can do is grin and bear as we hack and blow.