Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Home cookin'

Too much of a good thing
In Manhattan one has a plethora
of dining options. Within steps you
can nibble on almost any type of
international cuisine or grab some
eggs, a sandwich, or burger. While
it's exciting to dine with some of the
world's best chef's... it can get a bit
dull. You see the question I dread
more than any other is "where shall
we dine". In the last weeks I've been
out endlessly. To the point where it
seems as if there is no joint left that
I haven't supped at. I'm... DONE.
Rebel with a cause
So, I've decided to rebel. Tonight
I'm dining with my dear friends
"D" and "M". I've decided to take
them on a culinary adventure to
a place that only a select few of
my friends ever get to experience.
We're dining at my apartment and
I'm cooking! There are few things
that are as intimate as dining in
the privacy of one's abode. In my
opinion there is no better way to
demonstrate that you care than by
simply doing it oneself. Welcome!

Close to my heart
While "D" and "M" are just like family,
I truly enjoy entertaining in Manhattan.
Experiencing that level of intimacy in
an urban setting is often an extremely
unique experience for out of towners.
I've been fortunate to live in elegant
petit pied a terres during my last two
sojourns in the city that never sleeps.
A small table that seats six at the most
is ideal for a tete a tete au chez moi.
With no need to rush on to an eight
o'clock reservation, we can sit and sip
as we enjoy each other's company.
Simply divine
Given I work a full day, I have to plan
and build up to these events whenever
they occur mid week. My preference is
to serve comfort food, nothing fussy.
I usually prepare it the evening before
and then simply reheat. Fortunately my
repertoire of slow cooked classics like
Bouef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, and
Osso Bucco taste even better after a
day in the fridge. Given I'm not a
baker, fresh berries and sorbet add
a light end to my rich repast. Less is
more which means I can focus on you!
VIP treatment
Most important, we can actually
TALK when dining at home.
Why anybody thinks screaming
at one's dinner partner in a busy
room is preferable confounds me.
I prefer to sit, sip, and sup in the
solitude of my own rooms. After
all, why do we get together if not
to revel in each other's company?
Obligatory engagements aside
a home cooked meal shows just
how important you are to me.
The proof is in my pudding!!

Visa versa
Now... to reassure any who
haven't dined in my home...
timing is everything. Often
I simply cannot get my act
together. So don't assume
that you're not special just
because we dined out not
in. If I spend time with you,
you're extremely important.
But, if you've got the time
and energy, I would love
a home cooked meal served
at somebody else's house!