Thursday, January 9, 2014


Save now!
It seems as if every shop in this city
is on sale. What's scary is the depth
and scope of castaways that are still
available for purchase. The seventh
floor at Bergdorf's is an endless sea
of discounted goods. Rather than a
room being allocated to mark downs,
the main aisle is flooded with deals.
At 40 to 60% off, who wouldn't be
tempted? Well... guess who... ME!
Our biggest ever!
Honestly, it's obvious that I lack for
nor want anything. And honestly...
I never thought I'd ever hear myself
say just that. Have I suddenly hit a
level of maturity I've not experienced
before? Or, is it simply that I've come
to the realization that we have TOO
MUCH STUFF?! Either way, I've no
desire to buy anything and frankly
that's a rather odd feeling that's more
than a bit scary. However I do find an
odd sort of sense of peace in my not
needing to need anything. Amazing!
While they last!
As we prepare to move into the Passion
Pit, we are finding that we probably won't
need to purchase any furnishings or other
assorted accoutrements. Did you hear me?
Over the years we've accumulated enough
stuff to fill the seven thousand foot joint
easily. I find that almost mind boggling.
How could two people hunt, gather, and
horde so much stuff in eighteen years?
Obviously these homos are home a holics.
Total clearance! 
After divorcing I started from scratch.
My studio was barely furnished with
a mattress on the floor. When Frank
and I joined forces, I moved into his
perfectly appointed home while my
stuff went into storage. Over the years
our homes and furnishings expanded
and contracted as we relocated. Much
of it moving from storage to storage.
Never seeing the light of day.
Limited quantities!
We tried to stop. During our two
sojourns in Manhattan, our abodes
have been rented "furnished". That
means we didn't have to buy a thing
(except china). When we decided to
"do" Dallas, we decorated our home
with items that would work with what
we already owned in Montana. As we
start moving in this spring, it should
finally all come together in the Passion
Pit. What I'm most worried about is
that we may still have to much. Now,
can you imagine that?! More is more!
Everything must go!
Like most everything else, decor
is evolutionary. We have shifted
from excess to minimalism. Once
our new home is decorated I'm
certain we'll be ready to finally let
go of our treasures. Therefore the
chances are we will be staging a
rather substantial sale of our own
this summer in Lewistown. What
better way to encourage tourism?