Monday, October 14, 2013

What a circus...

Past due
For a time it seemed that my absolute
least favorite form of entertainment
had faded from cultural relevance.
As you may recall, I was the child
who loathed the circus whereas my
Dad enjoyed nothing more than an
annual visit to the Big Top. With the
exception of Cirque de Soleil, old
fashioned circuses have disappeared.
That is except in Washington DC.
The greatest show
It's obvious everyone has had
it with Washington. The shut
down has turned our hallowed
halls of government into a three
ring circus filled with the same
performers as any side show.

While their attempts to entertain
can be at times be oddly charming,
overall I must admit that I find
clowns rather irritating. In theory
their purpose is to make us happy.
However the ensuing shenanigans,
grand standing, outrageous gags,
and other attempts to garner our
attention is tom foolery at best. It's
time they stop the fun and games.
Public favor is worth more than
peanuts. In a recent NBC/WSJ
poll, 53% of Americans blamed
the government shutdown on
our GOP leadership. Whereas
31% blamed the President. With
a favorable rating of 24%, these
plodding pachyderms must soon
wake up or face extinction.
Our high fliers in Washington need
to provide the American people with
a safety net we can rely on. Nobody
wants to risk swinging through the
air without the reassurance that our
elected officials are spotting for us.
While I appreciate their facile ability
to maneuver as politics require, it's
time that they work on a new act to
stabilize our rather shaky economy.
It seems that finally our
patience for deviants and
their shocking behavior
has weakened. One thing
is certain. Those with a
preference for TEA are
now deemed questionable
at best. While invitations
have been sent out, just
21% of Americans replied
favorably to the idea of tea
time. The balance stating
"not for all the tea in..."
Ring Leader
What about the man left standing in
the center ring? One must to agree
that he has firmly stood his ground.
His resolve has not been distracted by
the gyrations and roars that surround
him. He must maintain control or else
our political circus could dissolve
into an angry herd of wild beasts,
crazed zealots, misled officials, and
other types of totally evil vermin!