Monday, October 28, 2013


It's all a masquerade
As Halloween quickly approaches,
I'm fascinated by all of the time and
effort many put into preparing their
costumes. We're not talking children
here, but adults! In reality, I shouldn't
find this phenomena odd at all given
many hide behind false facades on a
daily basis. While their disguises may
not be as obvious, they mask hidden
agendas throughout the year. All of
which are intended to shield their true
intentions. When finally unmasked
the underlying truth is quite SCARY!
Feigned Innocence
Who hasn't referred to someone
they know as "Teflon".  These
players somehow never seem
to get tarred by any brush. All
they do is smile sweetly and
do whatever they want behind
the scenes. Like cockroaches
in a nuclear holocaust, they
somehow survive and last as
long as the pyramids. Oddly
their longevity is seductive.
However if survival requires
living that way, who wants to?
Faux Sophistication
There is nothing I loathe
more than posers. Their
primary goal is to impress.
Not only is that shallow,
it's frankly rather boring.
The truly chic are willing
to take calculated risks.
Those consumed with a
desire to stand out will
ultimately only blend in.
That's because they're a
facsimile of another's elan.
Who likes a copy cat?

False Facts
Do you know a "know-it-all"?
These arrogant egoists thrive on
misinformation. Rambling off a
plethora of random data that in
most cases is not applicable when
fully traced. For whatever reason
many companies have tenured
players whose only purpose is
to increase confusion rather than
enhance clarity. Knowledge is
power and these people know it.
That's why they opt to never truly
share, just appear to do so.
Friendly Persuasion
How many times have you suddenly
discovered that a friend was actually
an enemy? There's no easier way to
hit somebody where it really hurts
than to first snuggle up next to them
and find their vulnerable spot. The
reality is that many friends are in
truth mercurial malcontents. They
have only one goal and that is to
rise up as they drag you down.
It's nice to be liked, but make sure
that their good intentions are truly
sincere rather than secretly strategic.
Fierce Aggression
Of course there are some truly evil
people. And in my experience
they rarely hide behind masks.
Instead their agendas, tactics, and
actions are blatantly obvious to
all involved. However they are
empowered, they move forward
with lethal force. Annihilating
anything and everything in the
way. Few survive their assault.
However ultimately evil begets
evil and what goes around truly
does come around. BOO HOO!