Saturday, October 5, 2013

Think PINK

Girl Crazy
While some may find it odd given my
preferred partner orientation,  I do love
the ladies. Without women in my life,
I wouldn't be the man that I am. As
I've lived life, my best friends, bosses,
mentors, motivators, and confidents
have been women. Whoever coined
the term "weaker sex" must have been
a male fool at best. If I've got a problem,
I run to women for wisdom and advice.
Battle Cry
October is Breast Cancer Awareness
month. It's a time for all to learn
about and support the fight against
this horrific disease. As important,
it's a nationwide reminder of the
impact breast cancer has on us all.
Not a day goes by that I don't think
about those lost, the many who
have won, and those who are now
fighting for their lives.
The "C" Word
While I've never personally had cancer,
I know many who have. I'm not going
to name names, but you know who you
are. Battling cancer often brings out our
best. Somehow it puts everything into
perspective. Suddenly things that were
important are no longer even viable.
Slowly "victims" become "victors".
While being ill may not the best way
to level set one's priorities, I've been
blessed to watch struggling friends
grow, blossom, and thrive post their
battles with Breast Cancer.
What's next?
Sadly many do not survive. Their
legacy requires that we do all that
is possible to prevent this disease
from killing our daughters, their
daughters, and future generations.
There is no quick cure or fast fix.
Beyond cash, the best investment
may be helping someone work
through their isolation during
treatment. Go along, hold hands!
Love heels
The only way we're going to find
a cure is to all fight Breast Cancer
together. Every one can make a
difference. What could be better
than a little shoe therapy that also
supports a greater cause? Shop
any Nine West store or our web
site October 15-22nd and we will
donate $25 to Fashion Targets
Breast Cancer for every $125 or
more purchase. You'll also get a
fabulous canvas tote that will
show everyone that you care!