Friday, October 11, 2013

Ready, aim, FIRE!

Peer pressure
I recently had to appear before a
panel of industry leaders. While
the group was certainly august,
they were an audience of peers
and therefore quite familiar. At
this point in my sordid career
I confidently celebrate what
I know and candidly confirm
all that I do not. In the end it
is what it is, I am what I am!
Let it roll
Few ever get away with lies or
deception. In our world of six
degrees of separation, the truth
may be sitting across the table
from you. Candor and clarity
are the best way to handle such
inquisitions. If you play games...
the only sore loser may be you!
Oh say can you see?
Remember "What's My Line?"
A panel of blind folded stars,
sycophants, and socialites
grilled a mystery guest. After
a series of queries they each
guessed the truth. Hmm...
two words... Supreme Court.
Behind the scenes
The fact is that almost anybody
who's a bit savvy can see what
lurks beneath the surface. Try
as one might, few of us can pull
off more than the occasional
white lie. And those that easily
deceive are suspect at best. My
advice? Step up, be yourself,
and let it all hang out. After all,
what do you really have to lose?
Flip the switch
The biggest mistake one can
make is trying to be something
we're not. In reality DNA, luck
and experience create your
destiny. Compromise never
truly works when it comes to
personal happiness. Unless of
course you're Mother Teresa.
And while a saint, she's dead.