Friday, October 4, 2013

Signs of the times

Enough is enough
It's time we all acknowledged that things are out of control. I don't know whether the planets are out of alignment or what. Somehow our world seems crazier than ever before! We're consumed with Freudian excuses that place the blame on anybody but ourselves. While some may find comfort in assigning guilt to their mother, father, or a higher power, the fact is it's time that we take responsibility for our own actions. STEP UP!

Closed minds
OK, the first thing I have to comment
on are the shenanigans in Washington.
The grand standing, arrogance, and
vitriolic bitterness are truly astounding.
When will our politicians remember
that they work for the "US" in U.S?!
Frankly it's time for our leaders to act
like grownups and stop being bitter
sore losers. Come on... sit down like
adults and start to get your collective
act together. Most important, stop
pontificating. In other words, shut up
Indecent behavior
Who would have imagined that we would live in a world where Sinead O'Connor would lecture Miley Cyrus on proper demeanor? Last week I had the privilege of meeting with a panel of "millennial" women. Beyond brilliant, poised, articulate, and smart, they were proof that there still is hope for our younger generation. And that our young celebrities need to GROW UP!
Apply within
Many seem to have lost any sense of pride. Throughout my day I am constantly confronted by individuals who frankly don't give a damn. They're going through the motions, doing whatever is minimally required and nothing more. Heads up - there are many others ready to take your spot. So, if  you want to keep your job, TRY HARDER!
Dead end
My pet peeve is the plethora of tourists in Manhattan. This city is fabulous so why not be fabulous while visiting? It took some effort to get here, so why not make an effort to look like you belong here? When lost, step aside. When strolling, let others pass. If you can't act properly, then just GO HOME!
Fast forward 
Somewhere along the way we
lost our way. Our collective
revolt against discipline has
created a world where nobody
has the guts or desire to lead.
Instead most of us sit back and
wait for others to take action,
act responsibly, and assume risk.
In the process nothing of any
value ever occurs. Rather than
continue living in lethargic status
quo it's time we took back control.