Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hair today... gone tomorrow...

Hair raising experience
Sometimes it's great to be a male.
Especially when it comes to HAIR.
Men have it pretty easy. Every few
weeks we simply hit the barber and
quickly get clipped. Some of us sport
shiny pates that are now considered
quite fashionable. With icons like
Cary Grant and George Clooney,
silver foxes have become de rigeur.
Now don't get snippy but I think that
hair is the reason we're considered
the better sex. That's because, when
it comes to hair, we've got it better!
Anything but...
Ladies on the other hand spend most
of their lives in search of the perfect
coif. Rather than be happy with what
nature wrought, most women will do
anything possible to change what
they naturally have into something
they unnaturally don't. In the end
spending a major chunk of cash and
a lifetime teasing, torturing, taming,
tinting, and trimming their folicles.
All in the hope that somehow, some
way their hair will ultimately do what
they want it to do. It's a girl thing...
Permanent Solution
What God gave some is never
enough. My friend "E" is an LA
girl who also happens to be of
Korean descent. During a visit
home, her parents discussed their
concerns about her inability to
get hitched. Their solution was
to set up an appointment for a
"perma" in Korea Town the next
day. "E" thanked them before
forcefully rejecting their idea
of her becoming a curly topped
Korean version of Shirley Temple.
Flat out fabulous
My darling friend "R" has a fabulous
halo of curls. However like most gals
she loathes what she has and craves
straight hair. Through the years she's
relaxed, coaxed, ironed, beaten, and
pounded her hair. In the end it looks
great as she exits the salon only to
immediately return back to it's native
form. All that work simply leaves
"R" poorer and flat out frustrated!
To dye for
Ethel was a faux blonde most of her life.
All up in a french twist, her nickname
was "Princess Grace". Oddly mother did
not frequent Kenneth's on a regular basis.
She preferred to dye at home alone. At
times with perilous results such as the day
she burned off at least six inches from the
back of her head. Quickly Ethel found a
matching mass to simply pin on until her
hair grew back. NOBODY ever knew.
What price beauty?
In my youth most ladies visited the
beauty salon weekly to craft coifs.
Now a vestige of the past, many
still visit at least monthly for a cut
and color. This "process" consumes
several hours and lots of cash. All
proof that women are still willing
to invest time and money to look
good. Whereas gents maintain the
status quo. Beauty and the beast!