Friday, October 25, 2013


On your mark...
For whatever reason, Fridays are rather
celebratory. Well, maybe that's because
the work week is over and the focus is
now on "me"! Sometimes by the time
I hit the end of the week I've had it.
By Wednesday, I find myself longing
for the upcoming weekend. It's not
that I don't love what I do because
honestly, it's a passion. What I don't
enjoy is the back-to-back frenzy of the
work week. Just five days (and nights)
to get everything (and more) done
is never enough! Talk about stress!
Get set...
Luckily our office has "summer"
hours year round. When the
clock chimes three o'clock, our
office becomes a ghost town.
Of course the workaholics will
insist on staying late. Even those
with a less addictive nature find
the quiet solitude of Fridays at
dusk the best time to get work
done. I usually work till five.
I love to spend Friday evening at
home where I can lazily transition
into the weekend. However after
five nights of watching me snooze
on the sofa, my better half is ready
to PARTY! I know that many
couples suffer a similar schism
when it comes to post work week
activities. The last thing either of
us want is stress so I usually opt in.
Blast off
A successful partnership is based
on yin and yang. I'll admit that
post being dragged out, I always
enjoy it. My preference is to dine
quietly in the neighborhood
rather than go out to the theater.
And you know why don't you!
Gone fishin'
Beyond not working, the best
part of the weekend is simply
being together. While our dance
card is usually fully booked,
there's nothing better than doing
nothing. And nobody better to
do that with than the one you
love. That's the ultimate escape!