Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Too much too soon.


Big News
The September issues are just out.
Inside you'll find all of the key fall
trends straight off the runway. In
days of yore, one ear-marked must
haves on their way across the pond
for fall fittings. Editor's dictates and
photos helped dress makers whip
up the latest styles for their clients.
Now that everything is pret a porte,
who cares to buy fall in August?!
Window Shopping
Last weekend was the last chance to grab a deal before spring was finally shipped to oblivion. Now full price FALL is on the floor in all it's glory. Along Fifth Avenue the windows are a sea of charcoal and black. Frankly, I'm not sure how to react. Given temperatures are in the eighties plus humidity, I'm not inclined to don my tweeds soon.
Vacation Forecast
Temperatures aside, nobody is
in Manhattan except ex-pats
from Dubuque. The Avenue is a
sea of tourists. Most locals have
flown this coup through August.
Relaxing on the beach or by the
pool, I doubt they're planning
their fall ensembles. So why are
the shops now full of cashmere?!
Bundle Up
Even fashion victims care little about grabbing the "it" winter coat in August. Obviously designers and retailers alike march to a different drummer. Don't they realize that we're NOT interested? Unless it snows in August, few will purchase a puffer. Yet what girl doesn't need a new frock to wear this balmy Friday evening?
Fall Forecast
Wear now means I want to wear it now. That's what the ladies want. Don't get me wrong, they love reading up on fall trends. But honestly, we all need seasonally appropriate togs to don before Indian Summer ends! Certainly some Fall will sell as I'm certain the Celine "Edge" will fly off the shelves. However the bulk of fall will simply sit and snooze until the thermometer hits the mid forties.