Monday, August 26, 2013

Feed me!


You can't go back?
Aren't there times when
you just want to go "home"?!
The older I get, the more
I appreciate the food of my
forefathers. While I rarely
indulge in childhood delights,
I look back at them fondly.
Remembering those nights
I rushed home to dine on
Swiss Steak and Apple Brown
Betty. I encourage you all to
release your inner child. Go
ahead, grab a Fluffer Nutter!

Snick Snacks
During the holidays, my Aunt Millie loved
"horses doovers". For weeks in advance
she and my mother planned these delights.
Both were tea totalers, therefore booze was
off the menu. Instead we nibbled on tasty
delicacies always accompanied by an iced
glass of Pepperidge Farm Firehouse tomato
juice. "Chicken in a Biskit" was my favorite.
You must experience these savory tidbits.
Still as salty as chewing on a bouillon cube!
It ain't ham - it's wham!
Sorry if I repeat myself but there
is no epicurean delight as tasty
as Taylor's Pork Roll. Better
known as Taylor Ham, just fry
a slice of this meaty melange
in butter and you'll experience
unadulterated delight! Caution,
it is an acquired taste treat!
Missed congeniality.
As a child there is no more
special accompaniment to any
festive occasion than a Jello
salad. Without these quivering
mounds of congealed color one
doubts I could have survived a
childhood spent dining on my
Mother's overcooked meat and
veggies. Those gelatinous gems
saved me from starvation!
Mystery meals
Somehow concoctions created from canned soup, canned vegetables, and cubed protein became de riguer in the fifties.
It's a mystery how legions of Americans survived these ungodly combinations of processed food. Casserole?

Ethel was not a fabulous cook 
(I am being so kind right now). 
One of her specialties was a 
concoction of spaghetti, tomato 
juice, sugar, and spices. All were
placed in a pressure cooker. Ten 
minutes later, a sweet, doughy
meal was ready. Mother proudly 
boasted that her triumph tasted 
"just like Franco American!"