Thursday, August 15, 2013

MIss Otis regrets...


Honored Guests
Its 7 p.m. and I just left a cocktail
party who's honoree was a dear
friend and colleague. Held at a
posh Italian restaurant situated on
Central Park South, it was packed.
I arrived, said hello, kissed the
star attraction, and scrammed!
Upon walking out the door onto
Fifty Ninth I felt like the weight of
the fashion world had been taken
off my shoulders. It's not that I'm
anti social, I simply dislike being
social. Table for two please!
Party Favors.
I realize some may find this hard
to believe but I hate socializing.
I adore and evening spent with
friends and abhor schmoozing
with people I don't care about.
It's torture given my biological
clock is ticking. I prefer to enjoy
my golden years with those
who I actually know and love!
Movers & Shakers
While the crowd was pretty, their banter was not. Frankly it really didn't matter as I've got that "man thing" which means
I can't hear much above the din. Most of the time I attempt to read lips, nod my head, and smile. Fortunately about 90% of the time I seem to get it right!
Party Animals
Most attendees were focused
on only one thing - posturing.
Their priority wasn't on our
lovely guest of honor. Rather
it was all about them! People
who party just to network are
beyond repulsive. What kind
of lasting relationships were
ever built over idle chit chat?
Dinner Dates
If you think it was rude of me to depart this evening's function early, please don't worry. Fortunately I'm taking the lauded lady in question out for a lovely dinner next week. We two will sip, sup, chat, and catch up. I'll hear everything she has to say and she'll hear how fabulous I think she is. You see, I really do like her and she's truly a friend. That's the reason I tortured myself tonight,
and why I can't wait for a repeat engagement next week.