Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you listening?


Be careful.
I've always said - "don't do anything
you don't want your Mother to find
out about, BECAUSE SHE WILL!"
Fact is it's a very small world. And
if you work in an industry like retail,
your sphere of separation becomes
even smaller. As a believer in living
by the golden rule, I do my best to
never have anything come back to
bite me in the derriere.
Sit still.
Last evening I attended a retail leader
dinner sponsored by one of our industry organizations. Seated next to me was a
lovely lady who's name badge was from
a hip and popular new retail format.
Problem was, a few hours prior one of
my more valued employees had resigned
to assume a role on this lady's team.
You can imagine how our conversation
went AFTER I acknowledged her theft.
Look out.
A friend was waiting for a train in Tokyo and suddenly spied her next door neighbor standing on the platform across from her. The odds are pretty wide for such an occurrence and yet it's been known to happen!
Step back.
A colleague was on a hotel elevator. An amourous couple joined him. The gentleman was a senior executive in our company. His well endowed companion was definitely NOT his wife. After an awkward silence, the coworkers said hello. Shortly thereafter the devoted duo disembarked. BUSTED!
Step up.
I once interviewed a young lady for an Art Director position. Her portfolio was quite impressive. Especially the work that was MINE. I queried her on how she created those pieces. When her dissertation was ended, I replied "Funny, that's not what I was thinking when I designed them."
Behave yourself!
The fact is there's little you can get away with. So, why push your luck by doing something you know you shouldn't be doing. Chances are somebody will see you and the last thing you need is to screw up an already complicated existence.