Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Here piggy piggy...
I must I'm a decadent pig. I love to eat
and have been known to roll in muck.
Fortunately I'm in good company given
experts consider our porcine friends the
smartest of domestic animals - more so
than cats and dogs! When challenged,
pigs master complex cerebral tasks as
quickly as chimpanzees. Thus smarts
must be the reason pigs excel at sniffing
out the prize or all prizes - TRUFFLES.
What's that smell?
Is there anything more decadent,
fragrant, or elusive as a truffle?
Black, white, winter, summer, in
reality it's a knob of mold under
the ground. Yet it is a magically
addictive culinary accoutrement.
All for up to $2,000 a pound!
Better than sex!
I realize that's shocking but it's
true. I've slowly come to know
that there is such a thing as a
culinary orgasm. And... I've had
several this summer al fresco at
San Pietro. Their black summer
truffle linguine is absolutely to
die for. Given I've become a
frequent flyer, Jean Carlo now
is quite liberal as he shaves...
Fry me a river.
Theres but one thing I miss about Dallas
(beyond friends and colleagues) and that
is The Mansion at Turtle Creek. We oft
enjoyed a warm evening dining on their
terrace. Beyond a bourbon Manhattan,
my favorite menu item was their truffle
fries. Served quite elegantly in a silver
mint julep cup, the scent was intoxicating.
Layer on the savory delight of perfect
pomme frittes et mon Dieu!
A perfect marriage.
While dear "D's" second try at
marriage didn't last, I cherish
the memory of those yummy
Lobster Napoleons served at
her wedding reception. Lobster
plus shaved white truffles and
paper thin crisp potatoes made
us all scream I DO, DO, DO!
Fungus among us?
Montana is full of truffles. Sadly
most are not nearly as tasty as
those found in Italy's Piedmont
region. Happily in 2010 a tasty
variety was found in Oregon.
Tuber Oregonense is a cousin
to the beloved but pricey white
truffle. So my little piggies -
oink,  oink, let's start digging!