Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nibble on this...


The Day of The Locust
Yesterday Nine West and InStyle Magazine proudly launched our partnership. The collection is co-designed by our shoe experts and their editors. To celebrate, we held a private shopping party for the InStyle editorial staff at our Lex and 59th street store. A bevy of quite posh editors descended upon our store like a swarm of locusts. A success, all of them gushed and gabbed as they grabbed! Tempus fugit, get them while they last!
See and shop for yourself!
Best foot forward
In case you haven't already realized, it seems that almost every woman on earth has a foot fetish. They simply can't get enough shoes! And why shouldn't they be able to have whatever they want? BRAVO! As far as I'm concerned my job is to make them happy! You see, I love working in fashion and for one of the largest shoe manufacturers worldwide. In my opinion the more the merrier! Anything that makes you that happy makes me happier! Go ahead, strut your stuff!
Less means more
This is not a new phenomena. In fact, generation after generation of gals have begged, borrowed, and thrilled over a new pair of shoes. What I enjoy most about ladies footwear is that it doesn't have to be expensive. Whereas gentlemen must invest a sizable amount for a pair of brogues, ladies can grab all sorts of cuties for next to nothing! NOT FAIR!
Subliminal Seduction
It can be almost an addiction however nobody gets hurt by a closet full of footwear. The thrill of buying a new pair is only surpassed by the rush one gets when hiding them. Every girl knows how to make sure that her better half never realizes the depth of her intake. After a period of purgatory under the bed or in the car trunk they're no longer new.  Go ahead, grab a pair over lunch, wear them all afternoon, and on the commute home. That evening if queried, simply respond "These old things?!"
Heart and sole
By the way, this problem is not limited only to those of the female persuasion. I've been known to occasionally indulge myself. The other day I was in a very important meeting. Suddenly my cell rang and it was Marisol, my shoe saleslady at Bergdorf's. I excused myself and stepped out of the room. She'd found that pair of Bontoni Monk Straps I wanted hidden far back in the stockroom and they were 50% off! After work I hotfooted straight to BG. After all, boys will be boys...