Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Fox and The Pound (Ridge)


A hunting we will go...
Last Sunday I took the train
up to Connecticut to celebrate
my nephew's birthday. His dear
mother is notorious for her
limited sense of direction. We
had 1:30 p.m. reservations at
the Bedford Post Inn so we
hopped in the car and got going!
The ultimate fox...
Quite frankly I was more than surprised
by how aptly "T" navigated the rather
circuitous journey from Rowayton CT
to Bedford NY. My dear "T" seemed
more focused than normal. It wasn't
till later that I figured out why. You
see, The Bedford Post Inn is a quaint
hostelry owned by Richard Gere and
his wife Carey Lowell. Truly a labor
of love, the former American gigolo
can be often seen sitting and chatting
at the bar or stretching in the zen yoga
studio. More than enough reason to
drive carefully in order to not get lost.
No lair to be found...
Sadly Richard was a no show but we had a lovely afternoon beneath the vines of Mr. G's barn porch. Two glasses of gavi di gavi later, we reminisced about the days when our babies were babies and so were we!
Where the fox are we?
When it was time to leave our troubles started. Without the motivation of a possible Gere sighting, we lost our bearings. Given the roads in this part of the country started out as cow paths, they boggle the mind.
What the fox?
It's not the first time. Years ago "T" and I got lost on the way to lunch at Weatherstone, Carolyne Roehm's manse in Sharon. Long before GPS, we couldn't read the map to save our lives (or lunch).
Beyond foxed.
That day we arrived quite late for a petite dejeuner with the gracious Carolyne and her handsome silver fox. This Sunday the dynamic duo finally figured out how to activate my Blackberry GPS. Shortly thereafter the blind led the blind as a nice lady sent us on a roundabout route through Mount Kisco to Stamford where I happily caught the train to civilization.
Worth the ride.
The truth is I actually enjoyed Sunday's wild ride. Given we've already been to hell and back - it's not surprising that we were able to survive a jaunt through Putnam and Westchester. Over the years "T" and I have often been lost and then found as we journeyed through life. It's a
gift to share an afternoon with somebody who truly knows you and all of the facts - both good and bad. I can't wait to see where "T" and I get lost next!