Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I did for love...

I hate bananas.
That aversion started years ago
with Melvin the Mynah Bird.
My Aunt Barbie's adored pet,
he literally ruled the roost.
Upon visiting Barbie's home,
a melodious voice greeted you.
The problem was that until one
rounded the corner, you had no
idea who was "talking"...
Barbie or Melvin?!
As the years went on, my dear Aunt 
continued to chat, coo, and coach
that shiny black monster.
The outcome of which was that
Melvin's verbal repertoire grew
to almost uncanny proportions.
Meanwhile, he sat enthroned 
in a grand cage, bathed in sunlight.
When it was time for him to doze,
a chic, custom made chintz cover
was pulled over it's filigree frame.
He was spoiled rotten.

Barbie traveled periodically.
And while gone,
the responsibility of caring
for Melvin fell upon me.
I would go change the Times
which lined the bottom tray,
freshen the water,
and mix his food.

And that brings
us to that yellow
tropical delight.
You see,
Melvin dined on
overly ripe bananas
mashed into
dry dog food.
The stench 
was nauseating!
But what truly left
a life-long impression
was the cuts
and scratches
inflicted by Melvin.
You see, he furiously
pecked at my hands
as I inserted the glass
dish filled with that
putrid melange of alpo and banana.
Frank adores bananas. 
Years ago when he was quite ill,
there was nothing he craved more
than his daily dose of potassium.
Each morning,
as I stood at the kitchen sink
preparing his banana,
an immediate surge of "salt water"
would rise in my glands.
There was many a day when
I almost tossed my cookies.
However, our love is so strong that
I would gladly peel
Frank's banana any day!