Friday, March 8, 2013

Is that all there is?

Welcome back to
the continuing saga
of Monday's City
Meeting. As you may
recall, the session had
shifted to an open
forum for comments.
Under the guise of
bettering our town
"for the kids", the
beleaguered owner
of the Powers
"Annex" had just
proposed demolition
as a way for him to
escape litigation.
The wax works,
better known as
City Commissioners
sat listening with
frozen smiles 
upon their faces.

I stood up and introduced myself. "For the record", I challenged any proposal to tear down historic structures. I also stated that I had lived in other communities where urban renewal had proved disastrous.
A hush fell on the room.
I asked the City Commission
to authorize an unbiased, third
party structural analysis of
both buildings. This would
insure that all involved are able
to make decisions based on
facts not emotion. My plaintive
pleas for reason were met by
blank faced stares.
Next, a historic home owner reinforced the importance of preserving our heritage. He stated that short term decisions have long term impact. Again,
no palpable response. 

And then, finally,
one of our five sedentary
City Commissioners spoke...
"I have a question." 
Anticipation filled the room.
"Is there zoning against 
 a front yard dumpster?"
Apparently for fifteen years,
she has lived adjacent to a
prominently placed dumpster.
In response, the City Planner
confirmed there were no size
restrictions on trash receptacles.
Therefore it is legal.
Her reply? "Thanks."

With that, our legally elected
leadership voted to adjourn.
Yes dear friends, that was it.
After writing e-mails and 
letters to the editor, plus 
devoting an evening of my life.
I got nothing in return. 
Nothing, I repeat nothing.
No response  (beyond stares) 
to passionate pleas from their
tax paying constituents.
No reaction (beyond grins)
to crazed cries for demolition.
No commitment (nada) 
to work towards resolution.

They just stood up, gathered their things, and WENT HOME.

And then suddenly, 
two stepped back, and actually spoke to me.
To hear what they said, 
TUNE IN SATURDAY for the final installment!