Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Are they really that ignorant?

Lewistown Montana - 1913 - Powers Mercantile, Right Foreground - Courtesy Montana Memory Project 

As you know, I'm quite upset about the potential destruction of a historic stone structure in the center of Lewistown.
A City Commissioner proposed said demolition in order to create a "plaza" and "parking lot". Her rationale is that
a gigantic void in our historic district will "bring people downtown". The picture above shows the building in question (right foreground) circa 1913. Today, the setting looks much the same.
An intact place of history.
So, I decided to take action.
The first thing I did was send
an e-mail to this lady, the four
other commissioners, City
Manager, and City Planner.
I got two responses, neither
from the lady in question. How
sad is that? In my experience,
a true leader interacts.
I next wrote to the Editor of
The Lewistown News Argus.
Published last Saturday, and
also posted on-line, thirteen
citizens have commented thus
far. Several in support of "no".
Click on the link below to see -

"Build on history, don't raze"
You'll note there were also several from 
a gentleman in town known to have an 
aggressively conservative agenda. He is 
one of several locals who use our paper 
as a forum to spread their rhetoric. What
you may not know is that he also uses
several aliases to reinforce his negative
perspective. But don't worry, it's OK, 
everybody knows it's him!
Controversy sells papers - especially here!
So, The News Argus is also running a poll
on their web site posing this question -
"Do you support removing 
 any of the historic stone 
 buildings on Lewistown's 
 Main Street to create more 
 downtown parking?"
 20% YES, 55 votes
 80% NO, 220 votes

Please log on and VOTE NO!
On Monday evening,
I attended my first Lewistown
City Commissioners meeting.
Dear readers, that was quite
an experience.  So much so
that it's worth it's own entry.
Tune in tomorrow!