Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oh the times we've had...

All of a sudden, one day you
realize that your children are
off living their own lives.
After that revelation, you must
next accept that go-forward
they become "guests" whenever
they visit. Like long lost relatives
you feel the connection. And yet,
one can't help but be amazed at
the poise, grace, and charm these
oddly familiar creatures display.
When Margaret, my youngest
visits, I marvel that the beautiful 
woman in my home 
was once my little girl.
During a recent visit, we opted
to dine out. While I dressed,
I looked into the mirror and 
thought "Not bad." Suddenly 
I heard Margaret shouting 
"Hurry up Dad!" We rushed
to catch the elevator just as 
the door closed. Suddenly
in it's reflection stood reality.
Glorious youth adjacent to a 
corpse awaiting the embalmer.
What happened?!

OUCH! Nothing hurts more than being bitch slapped by reality. Somewhere along the way we instantly became our parents. Suddenly, we say and do exactly what they did.
What's even odder is that
within our time warp haze
we're still cool. 
Hidden deep within each of us are the
secrets of an ill spent youth. We all
have stories to tell that we only know.
I recently came across a tome on
Amazon entitled "A Lusty Romance".
Within it's pages the dedication reads -
For Cynthia Vaiden
Santa Barbara, Jan.-Feb. 1970.
Could this be "our" Cynthia?
The eternal renegade who recently battled and overcame cancer? Too cool!
If our children only knew how cool we really were. Sadly after all these years we tend to ignore our days gone by. Take a look at these two cool chicks! Jenny sailed the world while Tina charmed New York. Now both are "Moms" and yet...
just as cool, only smarter.
When we're young, we often hide who we really are. When we're old, we finally get to embrace reality. The next time your kids "visit", share some secrets. Introduce them to the real you.
Now that's cool!
 And Cynthia...
If that is you in
"A Lusty Romance",
be cool and tell
Pinky (and me)
what really
happened in
Santa Barbara
at the beginning
of 1970!