Saturday, March 30, 2013

Strut your stuff...

This Sunday 
I'm looking forward to the
Easter Parade. Once a year
masses of Manhattanites
stroll, strut, and sashay
up and down Fifth Avenue.
Anyone can join this
concours de costume. 
That's because it is not
truly a formal parade.
Since the 1870s well dressed
dandies have simply strolled
up and down the Avenue
in all of their Easter finery.
In 1947, attendance peaked at over one million. However today, about thirty thousand strollers participate. Apparently most others prefer to view from home in their sweats. Oh, the casualization of America...
aren't you proud?!

My Mother was not a fan of this
annual fashion ritual. She felt it
was beyond offensive to arrogantly and purposefully
"show off". 
However that opinion did not prohibit her from carefully planning her Easter ensemble.

I have a plethora of pictures of Ethel wearing millinery creations. However by the time I arrived, it was considered modern to not muss one's coif with a toque. My father adored women in hats and I can recall him begging Mother to don one. Their reparte always ended with Howard saying
"Babe, who cares
 about that lousy
 Jackie Kennedy!?"
At one time your hat was the supreme element of any outfit. However today the handbag has assumed that role. Now sadly, wearing a hat tends to make one appear foolish rather than soigne. Hats aren't for everyone and given some of the chapeaus I found on-line, I have to agree. So, please sit back (in the comfort of your sweats) and enjoy the following parade of Easter bonnets (both good and bad).
Wishing you all
a blessed Easter!