Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back to work...


Yesterday was amazing. 
Your collective responses to my shocking announcement were beyond kind and generous! What was most touching were your concerns over roue's future. Don't worry, my plan is to spew and muse as often as possible! Much thanks!
For this job, my "commute" is
very different. Rather than ride
miles to some isolated corporate
campus, I simply walked down
Seventh Avenue to the office.
While at times it seemed quite
similar to a cattle drive back home,
I truly enjoyed my elbow-to-elbow
journey. My hope is that thirty 
blocks will melt off some pounds.
New to these here parts...
After five months off the grid, nothing is more anonymous than starting a new job. You know nothing and nobody knows you. Even your new I.D. picture doesn't resemble anybody you've ever met!
Howdy pardner!
My first day started in a "disorientation" session. Being a newbie is humbling enough. But does anybody really think that sitting through a litany of rules, codes, and threats of termination is a proper welcome? All I really wanted was a hug...
New bunk house.
My new corner office is a lovely white lacquered space. My boss and several dear friends have filled it with a bevy of fragrant white blossoms. However, until I can figure out how to log onto my computer, it will only be a lovely hotel room. Given I'll spend the bulk of my life there, it's time to make it mine!
And for my next number...
I spent the balance of my day
in back-to-back meetings. As I started to dig in I got excited.
By the end of the day I was exhausted but oddly exhilarated. You see, I think I can make a difference and for me that's the ultimate motivation!