Saturday, March 23, 2013


320 Million Dollars
While not the biggest jackpot
ever, that's why people are
standing in newsstand lines
across Manhattan. The odds
are steep, but who doesn't
hope they'll win "this time"?
It all depends on where and
how those Power Balls fall!

I never play the lottery. 
But yesterday even I bought some tickets. While rather intimidated, I stood in line with the seasoned lottery pros. Oddly I sensed a spirit of comraderie amongst those gamblers. Maybe it isn't all about the prize but rather the thrill of taking a risk?

I am not lucky.
While juggling my cup of coffee
and pushing the elevator button,
my first ticket slipped out of my
hand. It fell straight down and
into that tiny space between the
elevator door and lobby floor.
My chance to win big - GONE!
I went back and bought more!
Maybe this time?
What if I win? Already blessed,
many others are truly in need.
I would get my kids stabilized.
Cautiously fund their future.
I would invest in Lewistown.
Help the city survive and grow.
Frank and I would see the world.
Check off our bucket list.

We're all winners.
For many years, my father was a banker in Harlem. Every month a frail old gentleman came in to cash his welfare check. Dad watched for him and immediately waved him over to a special window all his own. Every Christmas, this loyal "customer" gave my father one of his lottery tickets. And while neither ever won, that annual gesture of friendship was worth millions.