Thursday, March 28, 2013


I don't care.
To clarify, I have no concern about what you worship or who you sleep with. Frankly that's your business. However I do care about how you treat me. That's because your actions impact the quality of my life.
Friend or foe?
Many are driven to maintain a distorted advantage over others. This need to control at all costs only hurts all involved. Why can't we all live by the Golden Rule? It's really much easier and I can attest that ultimately it always benefits me. Why would anyone hate rather than love?
Remember... you did it. 
I believe that a person's behavior and actions define their destiny. If you live a life filled with derision, hate, and hurt, be prepared to ultimately suffer the consequences of YOUR actions. Bad things happen to people who do bad things.

Two are better than one.
There is nothing better than two people who truly love each other. There is definitely safety in numbers. A fully committed couple's bond makes them each stronger. More important, the balance and harmony of a unified couple benefits all who they come into contact with.

It takes a village.
No relationship can truly thrive without the love and support of family and friends. The validation of marriage unifies two disparate people and their worlds. Most important, a simple "I do" legally unifies.
I'm confused.
Why do the rules change simply because of who we love? The first time
I walked down the aisle I had no idea that the benefits I was about to enjoy were not afforded to everyone. Beyond the sex of my beloved, what could possibly be justification for this loss of my civil rights? If we truly believe in living by the Golden Rule, then why are we allowing the government to treat some of us differently?
We can't help it.
Obvioiusly we're different.
Nature defined our unique orientation and frankly we didn't get to choose. So please, explain why that is different from being left handed or ambidextrous?
As far as I know, there are no laws against redheads. So, unless society is willing to penalize anything beyond the norm, why should I be treated differently?
We all choose who we love.
My hope is that someday,
I can legally do just that.