Friday, March 29, 2013


Spring 2013
Pantone has decreed these colors for spring. If you've been out and about, you've seen these tones in all of the shops. Often
a burst of warm weather is accompanied by a rash of reality. To avoid disaster, read on!
You're blushing...
Nothing is more charming than a young
lady kissed by youth and swathed in
delicate flesh tones. However petal pinks
are not always innocent nor appropriate.
The wrong nude tone can instantly
transform one into a ghostly specter.
That's why I suggest you bring a candid
friend with you when try on any frock
au natural. A bit of kind guidance will
guarantee that the only thing blushing
this spring will be your ensemble.

Sour notes...
Frank knows that I adore anything
orange, especially if it's a box from
Hermes. However too much of a
good thing especially citrus tones
can be tricky. Except for my friend
Bernice, I know of few who can truly
wear yellow. This spring, please try
to maintain some balance. While a
zesty garnish finishes off your cocktail,
never leave home looking like you've
been dipped in a vat of Lemoncello.
Seeing Red
If this lady doesn't appear happy, it's because she just realized that anything poppy is best suited atop a bagel or inside hamantaschen. As Bette Davis found out in Jezebel, the wrong red can ruin your evening. 
Green with envy...
Emerald, Pantone's color of the year is joined this spring by deux nuances de vert. Beyond the Green Giant, one must approach these tones with caution. So unless you're a leprechaun, never head-to-toe!

Shake the blues.
Nothing perks one up better than a crisp blue. You can't help but look fresh in indigo as it works with everything. So this spring blue is an essential element in rounding out your wardrobe.
Proceed with caution.
Anybody who has ever taken a class in color knows that if you mix them incorrectly you'll end up with l'ombre de la merde. Fashion is tricky enough but add a plethora of perky tones and suddenly it's terrifying! So, as you shop for your Easter frock, invest in something you can actually wear for the balance of the season.