Friday, March 22, 2013

Open a new window...

Are you nuts?!
Many seem perplexed that I'm in New York while the Money Pit is under construction back in Montana. Yesterday our contractor (Amazing Bill) ordered all new windows for the house. Frankly the cost was staggering - enough to almost buy a completely new house!

And yet... I'm not worried.
Knowing Bill, I'm confidant that he and his right hand Mike measured and remeasured every window opening multiple times before placing the order. That's the kind of professionals we're dealing with - people who really take pride in their work.
Trust is the best investment.
Everybody has heard horror stories
or seen TV shows about renovations
gone bad. Fortunately, when you
live in a small town, everyone knows
who's good and who's bad.
Bill has a sterling reputation.
Not only a master craftsman,
people truly respect and trust him.
I know that he loves the Money Pit
and therefore is committed to
doing what's best - versus easiest.
Nobody is good at everything.
Long ago I learned that I can't do it all. Not only is that exhausting, micro managing only makes things worse. Don't get me wrong, Frank and I have picked out every gee gaw and gadget ourselves. But beyond those decisions, we're letting go. Most important, even if I could do everything, I don't want to. I prefer to let the "pros" do what they do best. I'll simply write the checks and enjoy the results!

It's really very easy...
Throughout my career I've approached leadership in a very similar manner.
My job has always been to empower people to do their best. And fortunately, few have ever let me down. You see,
most of us simply want to be focused, inspired, motivated, and supported.
My responsibility is to define the task.
Their job is to make things happen,
with the amazing results!