Monday, March 18, 2013

Eaton's believe it or not!


"Vacation" is over... 
When I ended my stint in Dallas, I had every intention of staying in Montana long term. I was burnt out and needed time to restore, relax, refocus. Then the calls started coming...

What should I do?
There are a lot of great jobs out there but most were not for me. Finally, I had two serious opportunities that couldn't have been more different.

The first was perfect. 
Led by a trusted former boss, this specialty chain has huge potential. The team is unbelievably smart, their offices situated in a resort. I was ready to go!

The second was amazing! 
Imagine rethinking some of fashion's biggest brands in even bigger ways? Plus working with the best and brightest in the business in the heart of New York? Wow, my dream job!

I had to make a decision. 
Frankly I wasn't ready to leave Montana. But fortunately my family, friends, and colleagues provided guidance. In particular I must thank one trusted mentor. Without his help, I would never have had such amazing options.
Today it all becomes real.
March 18th I assume my new role as
Chief Marketing Officer 
for The Jones Group. 
Frank and I will continue to enjoy
the yin and yang of city and country.
The Money Pit is safe in the hands of our contractor Bill and consigliere Jeana.
I know you're shocked. But be assured that this blog will continue (as will my saga).
Now, as Mr. Jackie Gleason once said
"And away we go!"